Sorry, this time I choose Samsung because it looks

October 14, 2021, 10:20 am
Sorry, this time I choose Samsung because it looks
Sorry, this time I choose Samsung because it looks like an actual watch, not an iPad mini mini mini mini mini...

Sorry, you`re a SamSheep.

I`m not a smartwatch guy at all. Just a fan of one of the most iconic watches of all time :)

lets be honest if apple had round watches square shape watch wud be the worst

i love circular watches

I prefer circular watches

Also the bezel actually serves a function

Yeah and the bezel has a purpose.

The circular design is outdated, also you are getting less screen & those bezels add on make it worse!!

hot take but circular watches look ugly. i love the industrial design of my apple watch.

I think the round is better for aesthetics but the square watch face is more practical

Ok I actually would prefer a round shaped smartwatch but it would be cool if it has less bezels Yes ik the apple smartwatch doesn`t looks good but they did it (damn)

Not with that face pls

Can I get some help too

It lasted 3 hours

check the replies and you will understand my pain

No I ain`t kidding

Ur late to the party jamil. Luckily

I finish the popcorn even before the show begins

This was just a part of the entire spam btw

A smartwatch is more than just a watch, and it can do many more things. In my opinion a smartwatch should have a display form factor more akin to a smartphone display than a traditional watch display. Making a smartwatch in the shape of a traditional watch is skeuomorphism,...

At least you didnt get spammed with this Sorry jamil for the spam in advance

Underprice Carp E4 Contrast Ration display

I`m wit you bro. Samsung for the win.

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