Sorry, this time I choose Apple because Bezel

October 13, 2021, 11:12 pm
Sorry, this time I choose Apple because Bezel
Sorry, this time I choose Apple because Bezel.

I choose Samsung because I hate Apple, and I hate the square face.

Huawei watch 3 pro>>>>>>

Yeah but.round is timeless and classic

can I connect my android to receive the messages on iwatch too?

You cant even compare the design between these 2

Apple watch is better even otherwise

Just not a fan of square watches. Never have been.

Yes but when you review the phones you say Apple bezel is better

I will never choose Apple watch because it`s not round period.

But what`s the use of having an apple watch if you are using an Android phone? It`s just like another fitness tracker that`s it.

Yet another cry for help from Ice. Please, someone rescue him from Tim Cooks Apple Campus basement gimp box!

What galaxy watch is that?

I`m a Samsung fan, but I agree... the giant bezel (touch sensitive or not) is too big.

In theory it does actually have a bezzel it`s just another colour

I don`t think this is really a fair comparison because Samsung`s bezel actually has a function

I don`t understand these discussions about iOS-android, iwatch-samsung watch, it`s pointless. Use whatever you want, it`s all about personal preferences.

Better witch this watchface I think if Samsung didn`t make that a digital dial they would have made that watch bezeless...

I`d choose Samsung`s Watch but that`s just my preference

I agree. The bezel is so 1900s... He he he

I like that the bezel isn`t thick for no reason

I mean apple doesnt really have much competition when it comes to smart watches.

The bezel here on the GW4 is functional. Don`t like the bezels? Go with the GW4 Classic, with virtually no bezel.

Samsung watch looks like a watch but apple watch looks more like the wall clock .

Nope, it`s apple Still not interested

Unsurprising, lately you`re all against Samsung

Me using a BlackBerry Bold in 2021 You should try 46 mm with bezel

Samsung still better, would not choose apple watch cuz of a bezzle lol

Ok but don`t you consider the frame as bezels too?

It suffocated my skin. The watch itself also. We dont really use them any more.

It`s fascinating how good at everything apple are

Im having a bad feeling.. even ice universe is nowadays using othe products rather than than using Galaxies.

If we`re on about bezels the watch 4 classic has a far better screen ratio.

Apple has a bezel Samsung has a digital control. NOT the same thing. I`m shocked that you would even say this.

Next time Ill choose banana because Skin.

where is the picture of you wearing it?

It`s a wristwatch not a mobile phone a friendly reminder

Bro can u show u r face

Only pro here is that the bezel is functional. Would still go for the classic for the physical rotating bezel

I liked the most of Samsung bizeles

4 Classic 46mm is my daily driver

Samsung Galaxy watch 4 classic Since were here. I have an iPhone but I like the android watches. What android watch is best compatible with an IPhone?

But why have a bezel this big in 2021? They have the tech

To be fair, the bezels could be looked at as tge same because of apples perusing frame whilst samsung has a flat frame

The android Watch looks like toy tbh

Square watches look disgusting though

Lol, have of the bezel on the Apple Watch is hidden under that fat frame

Try the classic one

Why not Samsung do the same about Bezels

Sorry. Rotating bezel >>> crown

See, he`s doing this on purpose. He knows his base is 90% Samsung fans. He`s just driving up interactions The Watch4 classic is the best.

You can`t win if you don`t have Mario in your watch Will never choose an apple watch and will never like them cause square watches are ugly.

Bezels on watch4 looks so ugly!

That Casio toy watch design... I chose Galaxy watch!

I find your obsession with bezels weird. Mabye we have different hand shapes but for me the edges of any screen are almost unusable so I can`t understand why I would care about them.

What about battery ?

But why you are sorry

Chronograph Premium Waches way better.

I really move with u this time Coz the watch series 4 has unbeatable specs compared to the korean side

Why did Samsung abandon this shape when it was the first to invent and design it.. It is true that the circular shape is beautiful, but why did Samsung abandon the square .. I agree with you regarding the large edges, I hope to modify them Apple watch 7 beautiful screen design Honestly, I get it. When we saw the leaks for the Galaxy Watch4, I assumed the angled corner would be touch sensitive and the whole flat surface would be screen. Upgraded from an OG Galaxy Watch and I realized I either want a physical bezel, or none with more screen

thats the problem with round watches...

Rotating bezel in samsung watchs is more practical than either touch screen of apple watch and haptic rotating bezel of active watch

I personally prefer the rotating bezel as opposed to the dinky little crown on the Apple Watch. The dial bezel is soooo much more convenient to use. And it retains a bit of that "actually watch" look.

Is this Apple Watch 7?

i am using gt2 with abt 2-3mm bezel and its perfectly fine, looks a bit dated but fine, but that watch 3 has no bezel

What if the bezel rotates with a highly satisfying clicking noise?

I chose Mobvi tic watch pro 3 gps

I like the precision of the wheel

People just upgrade because of bigger bezel with no new features , Apple be like()

Bad comparison IceCat..use galaxy watch classic instead

That bezel has a function tho, it doesnt just sit there

You are too focused on bezels

Square smartwatches are more ergonomic

Rotating crown >>>>>>>> bezel!

Hang on. You do know the bezel on the galaxy watch is actually the digital touch wheel?

I choose Apple watch anyway. I have a Samsung smart watch and it`s not good with some things like The Apple watch is. I`m not a fan of Samsung`s watch software.

I still prefer rounded watches, Samsung or any other brand, it looks like a watch, not a mini phone taped to the wrist, the Apple Watch is great, but if it isn`t round, so no thank you.

Samsung looks like an ideal watch while Apple looks like a tv on hand

And this is why I actually liked Moto 360 first gen and the classic Huawei Watch 1.

To each their own. I prefer the GW4. Enjoy your Apple watch

galaxy watch is way better

People can argue about iPhone and Android. The difference is actually very small than people think. But when it comes to smartwatch, Apple Watch is in a league of its own. Theres no Android smartwatch on the market that can even outperform a 3-years old Series 4.

To be fair, the bezel actually serves a purpose of being a dial. we all know the classic dont even have a bezel because of the metal rim dial. Its there because its a feature not because samsung cant make thinner bezels. Make sense right?

& this time lot of people will suddenly love curved display

For me I`m happy with my Watch 4 though

Understandable me too

My favorite is the swivel bezel The watch 4 classic looks best by far imo.

Looking at all samsung fans crying, because there is a normal gesture around the watch that can be replicated even with smaller bezel. That gesture isnt excuse lol. And the apple watch digital crown is a masterpiece of an engineering.

I have Galaxy watch active 2....with Galaxy S21 Ultra.

I prefer a Casio solar watch

I chose this Personally I would never choose apple because of the design. To me it`s one of the ugliest watches you can ever wear

Also the design is cool.Galaxy watch is ugly.For me!

What elae do you do with you eatch man??? I just record a run and see the hour.

Show us the classic Ice .....what happened? Apple gave u new sponsorship for the watch?

still love more galaxy watch 4 and my note 20 ultra

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