Some apps in GNOME 42 supporting the dark style

November 22, 2021, 12:57 pm
Some apps in GNOME 42 supporting the dark style
Some apps in GNOME 42 supporting the dark style preference. On one hand I`m happy that it`s happening, otoh it`s not nearly as many by now as I`d have hoped. Though with GTK4/libadwaita transition happening at the same time it`s kinda understandable.

It should be in the next release - it`s great that toolkits are coming together on this. Fyne apps built before this read a global flag the user sets, just not the FDO one. I didn`t realise the default GTK+ theme had light and dark for so long, well done.

Well, user sets dark preference and all apps change. Or set light and they go light. This seems pretty relevant? Per-app setting is like 5 years ago on mobile when the OS did not support central configuration

@Wutzara So if you plan to keep GTK3 for 42, I`d recommend to either use libhandy or interact with settings daemon manually. I`ll recommend using libhandy because it`s one line to add support for the pref but I might be biased here. :) Check the wiki page the initiative links to.

@osslate In fact, exactly half of the apps on that screenshot are GTK3 - Weather, Screenshot, KGX, Ephy, Characters. :)

is a port to Gtk4 necessary to support this?

At this rate Fyne apps could stand a chance of overtaking - they support light and dark variants out of the box and match the OS setting on most systems too. Plus you can run them on your phone ;)

@CassidyJames So a lot of people were excited about having this - yet when it came to actually porting their app, *crickets*. So I guess it will take releasing 42 where half the apps don`t support it for the rest to catch up...

I think once its out and users get used to a supported dark style preference, youll see the apps that are currently lagging behind catch up and add it due to user pressure. We saw something similar with elementary OS 6 and AppCenter apps, at least.

Interesting: Can`t wait for GNOME 42 to come out

Gnome 42 with Libadwaita/GTK4 seems it`s going to be maybe an even bigger release than 40 actually.

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