Solana just pulled an Apple

June 21, 2022, 5:14 pm
Solana just pulled an Apple
Solana just pulled an Apple. xNFTs are coming - executable NFTs. Decentralized apps in your wallet, completely encompassed within an NFT

So the internet within an NFT?

Executable NFTs? Increasing the risk of malware and inviting bad actors to inject code or hijack nfts is my number 1 concern. Holders will need to seek assistances (from a technical stand point) before engaging in xNFTs.

What could possibly go wrong

NFTs are just a scam that are being pushed to be a thing. None of what this is offering could be even remotely considered beneficial beyond what already exists. Want to own the software without an NFT? Get involved to change laws allowing "software as a service" to work.

This looks like a surefire way to `gift` someone a virus.

Nonsense. Lots of people had a very good idea about the potential of apps when they came out. Just because you didn`t know any of them doesn`t mean they didn`t exist.

Could you explain to me what Cosmic Champs is?

IMO, xNFTs is to NFTs what JavaScript was to static webpages before JS Backpack > web3 browser with built in xNFT exec engine more like Google Chrome with JS exec engine. Please correct me if Im wrong Dynamic NFTs have been live on NEAR since September 2021. Generally love to see these kinds of things gaining popularity, necessary to get over the shallow JPG use case. Maybe xNFT language will catch on like soulbound That`s not an Apple, that`s a Microsoft, recalling the heady days when Outlook Express was the first email client ever to automatically execute arbitrary code attached to email.

When Apple pulled an "apple", it was something useful. How is this useful? How does the average Joe or Jane benefit from whatever this is? Every explanation has been rife with web3 religious tech buzz words.

So it pulled an apple but you dont even have the details?

My gosh I know that nfts are important but this is all just jargon. Show us something that works like this then Ill stop shitposting

Ouhhh great! potentially security holes being introduced :)

So... what exactly is the point of this?

Sounds like a virus that spreads from wallet to wallet

Ill believe it when i see it

This is the level composibility of a software/dapp that a monolithic layer one blockchain with extremely high throughput, low cost and sufficiently large block space can support and nourish. 100% with and here.

can anyone do a eli5 version?

Solana App Store. I like it!

Will some dao take control of everything I own in the SOL ecosystem someday?

I doubt the app is running inside your wallet. What`s running the front end?

We need a way to whitelist wallets that can transfer NFTs to us. Otherwise this is literally going to let bad actors transfer malware NFTs into any wallet at will. I`ll leave solana before that happens.

okay what but sounds fire

Lol. Ever heard of They are miles ahead of anyone in nft section. Silence before the storm. They don`t hype before they got something. These guys are buidling for a while. Guess what ? It`s almost time

Nice, did this a while ago! You know that nfts are just one-off tokens so they can have a unique id right? There`s nothing special about them having their own smart contracts. people have to use that wallet/ios to run the apps and they only run there?

So the xNFT is like an app in itself that is in your wallet and contains everything in it and you can basically send this complete little ecosystem to another wallet as an NFT, im confused af about it, would love to see a dumbed down explanation tho

Epic description, insight appreciated Thank you

I assume it works the same as adding a website as icon on the homescreen like a shortcut but inside phantom.

Oh wait . Solana pulled someone`s funds too illegally.. true centralized shitcoin this Man I always feel smart until I see what the core players on Solana are doing

Idea is great but why they call it NFT? How is this related to non-fungible token ?

wtf does that mean

Interesting... how is this different from uploading a smart contract of your own? and where is it all executed? Would love to see this paired somehow with ZK to execute off-chain but store the proof on-chain. Is that somehow possible with Solana?

omg that`s awesome

I just read the thread but not sure I got it, could you explain ??

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