Solana building a phone?? Maybe they should focus on

June 24, 2022, 8:07 pm
Solana building a phone?? Maybe they should focus on
Solana building a phone?? Maybe they should focus on building a stable network before being distracted by competing against Apple or Google?

You dont understand anything. They made updates, and it looks much better, the guys facing high level of adoption, and working hard for improvements.

This time it will be ok to include an on/off button.

SMS - Solana More Shutdown

Will they roam with helium hnt?

Remember the Facebook What about the Blockchain phone that HTC released a few years back? No? All phones have LiDAR now like the Pixel 4? No? Yeah weird niche phones don`t work.

What evidence do you have that has you conclude that this a distraction from other efforts?

Couldnt have said it better.

As per usual Solana running before its learned to crawl

Why do you argue with he even told you about luna a week before it collapsed, just listen to him and move on

When the scammer gave an opinion

Wait 2 years for what? To see Apple and android ban crypto ecosystem because they can`t make money on transaction? Think about it. Crypto will be challenged by big tech not govt.

Apple and android would be biggest threat to crypto ecosystem. Think about it.

Couldnt agree more

Before you talk anything I suggest you read this thread

Heres a thread on some thoughts about this that Toly kindly retweeted and has subsequently blown up for me! I say go for it. Someone has to be first (not really first though) and there will inevitably be failures but that`s what progress is all about.

It is what Sam says it is

Remember pushing Luna?

Yes... Yes... us normies would love to hear more

Cover PiNetwork in your show . Already 40 million users and counting.

Big at work I would love to see Raj & Anatoly on your show!

Or competing against Android...

Lol Ran. You start an inflammatory thread to farm engagement and then use that as a way to backdoor Raj onto your show. Genius

Decentralize first?

I agree, they should. Weanwhile Cardano is building the foundation to do this properly. Wold Mobile, Dish Network, Boost Mobile, Atala Prism, dApp stop, partnership with Samsung, etc..

Looks like u sold ur bags after shilling it non stop in the past and then dumping on ur followers. After selling u trash it non stop so it dump to buy back cheap. U and influy like you deserve what happened to u with Luna.

Horrible take. As usual

I have no doubt mass producers will leverage the tech, but the actual threat that web3 payments and fee-less dapp store model represent to their core businesses, mean they will take time. we are making it so the millions of users who live and breathe crypto dont have to wait.

I cant wait for you to get quote tweeted into oblivion for this take Ill be here for it

This makes Ran seem like a noob NGL

Changing your tune because you can`t afford a $10k bet, down baaaaaad

Unless the unstable network is part of the plan

will do! in all seriousness though you were last on the list, but still *on* the list. I think if you keep digging youll get it. different teams work on network stability and hardware. theyre both best in the world at what they do. look more into what sms does for android

FUD from this guy makes me so bullish.

breaking news: solana phone incoming. Yes focus should be on the blockchain

Wtf Ran? wow, finally you get it

Hey everyone, heres Ran trying to give advice in the blockchain space of which he is totally clueless That`s exactly what I think. Their crypto is having real issues now it has to be taken care of

this guy is the Scam number 1 in crypto

could you guys imagine fading this giga brain, he understands what uptime is, all hail ran BTC DUMPED 76%. I THINK THATS ENOUGH.

How are they competing against Google when theyll run on android devices?

Gonna work on anal os

Yeah and hopefully youll be in jail before you can delete this tweet.

Glad to see youre bearish. Does anyone have a worse track record of calls than you do?

I actually think its a great idea. Now you can crash the Solana Notwork from the palm of your hand.

both of them needed

Yes indeed. Some of alts are + 50% and more in last 7 days. I should do some shorts SOL, MAT, ATOM, ... but I don play this way

The 6 people from last week are still waiting on their btc transactions to go through.

It`s not like the engineers developing the Solana blockchain are going to be the ones developing the phone hardware. That`s like saying Samsung builds TVs therefore they shouldn`t build phones. Separate divisions within the company.

They are not building a phone. They are talking about it to keep their bagholders entertained.

Hahaha good one bro

What? Yeah they won`t pull that off. I agree.

I wonder what the TPS (texts per second) will be...

Imagine this guy taking a shot. The king of pump and dumps. Arent you late for your boyfriends pump and dump in you, Ryan?

Flipflopping the shills much ran?

why do people like you comment on things you clearly don`t like and have no interest in? SOL community is happy that`s all we care about I bet you`ve got a bag but

Their phone will shutdown often like their network.

Remember when $Luna was your biggest bag? Is $SOL your biggest alt bag by default??

since when builders care about what scammers like say?

It`s like elon musk talking about going to Mars in the century of the worst climate and economic crises ever.

their phone`s specialty is giving you less screen time because its network is always down

Nothing I want more from a phone than to randomly not be able to make calls for extended periods of time

Shill ust and luna some more haha

What about Huawei,one plus

maybe you should stick to giving false predictions and talking about the next luna coin before being distracted by what solana labs does.

Stop botting!! Simple

I will be using a fooking $sol ana phone. On a side note: ran has become cynical and boring.

Bro you flip flop more than a fish on dry land.

Dude what do you know about building? Better be happy they innovate.

No network down time if you use Solana phone

They are creating a subsidiary focused on mobile. Solana Lab is still focused on the blockchain. I think this is great news. Adoption must start somewhere.

Yo we still bullish on Luna?

Solana Building a network that will work better.... a cellular network??

Maybe you should mind your own business?

ser, should you even be allowed to have a voice? Just fudding SOL ...makes me extremely bullish on SOL

wen i turned you off a year ago you were shillin $LUNA

don`t you have some more $LUNA to shill?

LUNA was your previous largest holding?

$SOL will go up in the bull market, not because of stability but because everything pumps in a Bull market. Every bull market has new coins that pump way faster than any old competitor.

You should read through this The actual phone is far less important than the stack

True, same like Sirin Labs 2017-2018

Just imagine being a DEGEN and having just 2 buttons to buy and sell . Degenning all day/week long with a slide of a button, like answering your regen calls.

I think the first generation adopters will be Android users primarily - very easy to port across from Samsung, Google, etc. iOS will happen more slowly.

what are you guys discussing ? there will never be a SOL Phone at all. Period !

Ran also has a huge bag of tons of coins we`ve never heard of. Tmrw he will love stream, pump it, so he can extract money from his community while he sells on the. You are trash Ran


Now sir I agree with this! Very informative!!!

Everything starts from one point

I thought you said you sold everything for luna?

Eth you count as alt?

keep shilling token crap you do it very well

Ill bet you $10k that $Sol outperforms your crypto portfolio over the next 2 years.

Yo! Hows Luna?

Maybe Crypto Banter should focus on bringing news instead of shilling their own investments to their community

It`s good news for the crypto industry, it will drive adoption. I feel we should encourage them instead of critiszing their effort. No perfection but I believe with time we should see improvement.

Yep lol thats just a build the hype move!

I think youre missing the point, but sure, go on and engagement farm

Is your bio suits your tweets ? Solana is changing the world , just give them the time Yes, because trying to improve UX is always a bad idea and a complete waste of time. By the way, the fixes you requested will be implemented before the ETH merge.

Distraction is an enemy of success.

Buy a Mello Ran the paid off shill that talks absolute bollox for money giving out advice who would of beloved it . Some vile people out there that will do anything for money. Hey ran

U should just stay with your crypto friends in your crypto world while the next generation of technology is being built for the masses

They have money to spend after stealing their supporters money

Maybe you should let them continue to build and innovate. As far as I`m concerned every project has issues to work out and improve. Not a single L1 is used mainstream by ordinary people, so this indeed could be a start.

Shitcoiners bashing shitcoins. Maybe they should focus on bitcoin instead of persuading each other to buy the latest pump shitcoin. Is being ethical that difficult? I know selling lies is more profitable, but at what expense?

maybe they are doing it for more VCs and funding

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