So yesterday I tested out iPhone 6S on iOS

October 13, 2021, 6:20 am
So yesterday I tested out iPhone 6S on iOS
So yesterday I tested out iPhone 6S on iOS 14.7 from my friend (I tweeted from it) and when I tried launching and closing twitter as fast as possible the animation stayed smooth and didn`t drop a single frame, while my Note can`t even do that and when I tested S21U today...

your note 10 is full of shity apps. stop bashing it i have a s8+ at home and it`s so far smooth

Hmmm gotta ask him about his experience

Hmmm, my homie with S9 never had such issue, wondering why you are experiencing such thing with the built in one

Ummm why do you need an app to screen record when you already have a built in one ? Just curious

Its impossible not to care about user experience

A lot of people including yahia (no offense ofc)

I understand. But a lot of people are making a huge deal out of this quickly opening and closing apps thingy (not you).

Who on earth would open and close apps like that though ?

It can do that but drops frames in the animation. So sad that 6 years old iPhone has better animations than S21 Ultra on one ui 3.1 So sad. I mean the 6S is slow AF but the animation doesn`t drop a single frame and it`s incredibly consistent and beautiful. That`s it.

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