So what do you guys think about the OnePlus

June 10, 2021, 4:51 pm
So what do you guys think about the OnePlus
So what do you guys think about the OnePlus Nord CE 5G, based on the specs and pricing? BTW this one also supports just one band of 5G aka n78.

They downgraded total specs so may be one 5G band will be available

Don`t see any special feature that would make a customer buy it apart from the OnePlus branding . Also it remains to be seen how many of the 22,999 (6+128) variant they launch initially if they launch it , that`s becoming a trend recently as we also saw last year with 6+64 .

The Nord series itself is bullshit First they hiked the price of their number series from 30kish to 45-50k ish Then trying filling the gap of this 30k with Nord series

The cameras on the Nord were terrible, the CE comes without OIS, maybe we gotta be ready for a disappointment. Plus a downgrade to the processor. 5G isnt something Id prioritise while buying a phone rn.

One plus is pretty bad now in updates situations Still the Nord users r facing updates problem One plus is becoming shit day by day Specs isn`t enough, software and updates r really important

765G and 750G are almost equal. In some areas, 750G is better than 765G. Please refrain from carrying out the propaganda w/o the full facts. It`s a great device

So, finally got to know today why they didn`t sell base variant of OnePlus Nord 2020. Bcoz they had to launch this CE variant

Samsung A52 is better if we compare it with Nord CE.

They removed alert slider

OnePlus is loosing it`s craze

Many indian youtubers are silent in twitter after launch Why Bcoz the review units are given and they are supposed to unbox after a western youtuber (mrwhosetheboss) did that? And this OnePlus calls it as Indian launch? Pathetic...your thoughts my friends?

No glass back No OIS 750G<765G No depth sensor (joking ) Just one 5G band It should have been priced at in between 20-22k

It`s 3k cheap than last year

I think IQOO Z3 is good option over this. What`s your opinion ?

I will be happy if u say the same for other phones like How Samsung M42 is based on specs and pricing ? Bdw This one having a 720p display

Good for the price for a clean software phone

Go for realme GT instead

Still i would say 2nd hand oneplus 7t at this price around 22k or 23k is a great choice

Over priced 17k is acceptable for base variant

The lack of adequate 5g bands is the issue actually, apart from that it`s a fantastic deal at the price point especially coming from Oneplus. I was just planning to get it but then again it can`t be considered as a future proof device due to the band issue, DISAPPOINTED!

any info if Pixel5a will also have unlimited High Quality also, will it come to India?! OnePlusNordCE5G OnePlusNordCE OnePlusTVU1S

If we assume dimensity 800u = SD 750G Then OnePlus CE 5G is almost equal to realme X7 . So we are giving 5k extra for 90hz and 3.5 mm jack

I guess it`s acceptable on only state: SD750G is a better chipset than 732G. We just can`t stay on 732G for the next year as Qualcomm would release mostly 5G processors now. So, I guess 5G phones could be bought for better performance for now atleast.

Only one 5g band very disappointed

Only One band

Just riding the hype train a bit further. Apple does this to stay in the news... Having different events for different products in a year to stay in the news. OnePlus is doing the same now. This phone isn`t so special at all. Samsung F62 and Poco X3 Pro are better options.

Really disappointing it`s price doesn`t justifies plastic frame and back & old processor & I wonder really it charges 70% in just 30 minutes iqooz3 has 55w charger but it takes 56 minutes to complete 100% & I don`t think it`s midrange smartphone for its.

its of decent value(consodering the moto g5g and sam m42) With the offers it seems to be a good deal, but its killed by its own cousin the iqoo z3

But the New SD750 G is newer with new kryo cores

What`s the point of having 5G chip if they are limiting the 5G band to just 1? Instead they could have given SD 860.

Oneplus save money by giving 1.Ufs2.1 really? (even mi give ufs 2.2 in their under 15,000 phones 2. Plastic back

Slightly overpriced. Should have launched around 20-21k

I`d blindly go with iqoo z3

No alert slider too .. pls roast it in ur review

Simple waste from a 2021 midrange phones point of view, probably OnePlus is struck in 2019 timeline using almost old tech cutting down necessary things.

Not a bad phone but not a special phone too. Just a regular phone like Xiaomi, Realme etc lanuch these days

This 5g hype is getting beyond ridiculous specially from a brand like one plus

Never expected 750G tbh.

Worst launch of the year , realise soon

5g is just a marketing gimmick for this phone by providing only single band. In actual its a 4g phone from oneplus, redmi note 10pro is far better than this

Hey Ranjit, my op6 is broken with black screen but touch not working. I am not able to backup data as developer mode is off. Can you help? I hv usb c hub using which I can connect keyboard. But op6 is not detecting mouse.

For 22999 looks good. 3 yr android security & 2 yr android updates is a good move ...and headphone jack back !!

So the Nord CE 5G kinda seems like a rebadged Realme phone to be honest. They ditched the premium materials on build, the processor degraded, and they ditched the freaking alert slider!!! The one thing that still works well with OnePlus! (1/N)

When they were hyping about we at one plus are cutting down specs from the original nord They truly meant it. I will never forgive one plus for removing that alert slider. You had one signature feature, no other android has that , dumbo

MOST OVERPRICED. NO reason to buy over M42. Not to mention the Silver colour is only available at 27,999

I think its a better option than Samsung at this price point and for those who want clean and smoother android experience

20k to 30k range become like khisdi

only OnePlus can launch a smartphone with slower processor than the previous year

in my opinion there is no point in upgrading your mobile to a 5g one for atleast next 2 years in India. still there is no proper 4g services in some places of India.

Indian reviewers didn`t get the unit or unboxing video on YouTube yet??

Also No Alert Slider on a OnePlus Phone and Realme like Volume Buttons(Separated).

These days OnePlus making too good jokes.

One plus is going to come with a Nord 2 also I guess which will have 768 SOC or the Dimensity 1200 and will be priced similarly like the last years Nord.

Looks like I`m gonna go for the s21 fe because of many reasons like the 5G bands

Is there any info on base model, becoz it`s showing not available

Problem is the chipset

Realme is doing much better.

The BRAND will sell it

Is "CE" stands for CORONA EDITION?

Overpriced, even though I am a OnePlus User.

OnePlus is behaving like Nokia back in the days. Wouldn`t accept the demand, became sinking ship. The day they stopped caring what people are asking for. It`s the end there.

Sir should we wait for samsung galaxy a52 5g or go for it?

My reaction to Nord CE 5G at 22,999 1 5G band I thought they`ll improve, but I guess they want to stick towards marketing rather than practicality...

why they are providing only one 5G band? is it cost too much?

Many reviewers saying 5G in India is a gimmick at least for 2 years. But if users are thinking of long run then you are right.

This is just Nord CE and not Nord 2 guys. Core Edition means just taking the core features of the Original Nord while pricing a bit less. Wait, 750g is not a downgrade from 765g (Don`t get fooled by Qualcomm`s naming) also a bigger battery and the beloved 3.5mm jack is back

Pricing theek hai but phir se wahi chindi giri aur kaafi cheeze bhi kam kardi No Glass Back OIS is now gone Still No stereo speakers Only one color is available in base 6/128GB, For Blue it`s 24,999 But we get 3.5mm jack 64MP Main looks good at least on paper

Nothing else but disappointment

Why no Unboxing is posted on YouTube! Is this a selling technic for pre order??

We are getting A52 around 24k so that`s it!!!

Decent pricing, okayish phone, but will still sell a lot because of OnEpLuS bRaNd.

Build quality is now average like some other mobile brands, there is nothing good to show this is 1+ compared with nord 22999/- is not a great deal and a year or 1/2 they will rollout some update and start problems as they done earlier

I think one plus is just embarrassed about giving one 5G band on Nord,and they keep doing on other phones just to justify and all

they just ruined thier brand value

OnePlus doesnt excite anymore.

Better go with realme x7 max. This device is

They have downgraded CPU & only two 5G Bands. Btw 5G isn`t coming anytime soon (like current 4G) takes time to implement on every metro and surrounding villages. So they think they have time and selling these 5G enabled phones as a gimmick. Remember 3G to 4G phones launched?

Way too overpriced for a 750G phone

What a downfall of once awesome brand

Dont waste money... simply go For Moto G 40 Fusion with stock android. I m using Oneplus , Samsung , Poco....But I can say dont invest more money on phone as technology is changing everyday.

Good option, Oxygen Os better than Xiaomi or Realme but not better than Pixel A series

OnePlus lost my trust when they denied auxiliary camera 2 api permissions in the latest oos This means that you can only use gcam for the main sensor If you try to use the ultrawide lens the gcam crashes because the os doesn`t give the permission read raw sensor data

I`m considering this as the final nail in the coffin. I can assure you, most Op fans who have seen the company from Op1, feel betrayed and are no longer going to be with them.

Does this have stereo speakers?and many people are saying that it has plastic back

Its a good for nothing. Rebranded crap.

It`s just joke like previous nord

With the way company was going , it`s not surprising

as i said earlier - what is that? an overhyped new gimmick?

Another waste product from one plus, no major upgrade. No design change, downgraded processor, mediocre camera. Don`t know why they are launching these many products. Other brands are trying with new designs and aggressive margins, while OP wants to play safe games as old samsung

OnePlus users in India now I think it`s a great for using a oneplus in that price n 5g with one band how cares...

Lmao the international version supports mmwave. OnePlus thinking buyers are fool

Realme x7 max much more better than this.

Its a good deal im9

Sir waiting for the unboxing video, want to see your facial expression regarding 2mp crap camera & 1 5g band

Disappointed I will go with poco M3 pro nord ce only has 1 5g band

Average sir pricing it can be lessthan 2000,it will be good to buy reason

If they had improved the processor in Nord CE, I would have definitely brought it.

everything seems fine otherthan 765....considering in mind it as a 4G phone. processor could have been better in this prize range. Btw who else is waiting for Poco F series...?

Right now its both good and bad in terms of Indian market segment, If we compare Nord CE with similar priced phones we get Realme & Samsung and recently launched iQOO z3. Samsung lack the features, Realme don`t provide updates and iQoo doesn`t have Amoled. Nord CE - Overpriced!

OnePlus is now DeadPlus

I don`t know why they launched this device :(

Aaj ke bakt pe thoda over price hai....Nowdays and is doing good job

Last point was enough for conclusion in case looking for 5g smartphone

Now the old One plus NORD enters the crippling list along with one plus 7seris of devices

Reviewers : what r specifications Ranjith : kitni 5g bands?

Way less than what I expected except price

So finally 1+ listened to its customers and gave a jack , all other specs were expected and some things are still missing like no hint abt gorilla glass protection and NO SONY SENSORS, I`ll miss them

OnePlus has become a let down... don`t know if it`s gonna comeback again or not...

This one is very bad ... Especially for our country. Iqoo z3 and poco X3 pro is faaaar better at this price... Even oxygen os is very bad on my 7t , 8t , 9r.. very laggy , buggy in animations and ui part.... OnePlus really lost its charm and becoming a company like old vivo.

I`m blown away by the awesome 2MP mono camera, best part of the phone. If they want to cut price that should be the start, instead of downgrading other parts.


OnePlus is a brand on complete decline. Unfortunately typing this from an OnePlus Phone

I have a feeling that the launch of Nord CE will be detrimental to future sales of Oneplus flagships. Oneplus has lost its USP of being a premium Android smartphone brand. More and more people will prefer the FE editions of Samsung Galaxy series over Oneplus flagships.

Considering the other 5g smart phone vendors like as such they are giving more 5g bands with aggressive pricing. Oneplus is going all wrong in terms of camera, 5g and also crippling 7 series phones. Not happy either with their midrangers nor flahships!!!

Launch Moto G100 in India. Waiting! Don`t do the mistake like Other brands

Let`s see how there android update goes

One plus has lost its charm in attracting customers

Please try to review it

and the international variant has 12!

Thought that I`ll wait for proper reviews rather than watching the sponsored one but then replies in this tweet gave me enough info to not really care about it. Just over hyped by OnePlus

Sir you were right , they are treating us like a secondary people.

Only 1 5g band .... wowAfter spending almost 25k oneplus offering us jxt one 5g band. Hope this works in india otherwise dear start packing ur bags and return to China. We didn`t neef u anymore..We india consumers are not fool`s. I prefer over Hi Ranjith! Do you think realmeX7Max5G is a better deal at 28,499 after applying exchange. Is amoled without HDR 10+ better than Ips lcd with HDR(My current phone)?

There are two ways to see a 5G advertised mobile with just couple of bands. 1. Consider as 4G phone only 2. If you will be changing phones yearly once or even two years once. As 5G to be implemented perfectly will take time. Also many of them won`t opt for 5G packs for the price.

Its a good phone but not good for futureproofing

They previously gone with 765g processor then the price is 30k then if they goes with 768 then they might get closer to the T line up in terms of pricing ......

OnePlus is settled now! They are using brand name to overprice their phones wrt specifications. Total failure for the cost compared to config.

I think the starting price should have been from Rs 20,999/- for OnePlusNordCE5G considering the specs.

Perhaps it should be called OnePlus Nord CE 4 G

Waiting for your review video for same. When to expect?

Better add some more money and buy Realme x7max

Sir to be frank they are thinking themselves as apple of android so whatever they are doing is justified in their opinion

They are killing the brand for Iqoo

Another jimmik from OnePlus

Little overpriced iqoo z3,realme x7 max is better option.if it was launched for 20-21 even considering OnePlus premium it would have been cool

I feel it`s over priced just for the sake of 5G... that too with 750G Snapdragon processor is a setback

Sir .I think oneplus is.looting giving lacking device on flagship proce segment .just c oneplus 9 flagship camera but no telephoto lens or OIS,or no IP rating ,and in India no wireless charging, also in 50,000 Price .oneplus is giving shit same front camera same sensor .

2MP camera 1 Mickey mouse 5G band The lowest varient won`t be available for few months On top it off they are giving an effing fanny pack as pre- order gift Never thought having a headphone jack will be promoted as a unique feature.

even better phones are available at this price range and even with more 5g bands in them.

It`s a pretty good phone for it`s price.. I mean OxygenOS, An OLED Screen, and 128GB of storage But the cameras need to be tested.. there`s something fishy there

Launch was cringe, and the product is comparable or even worse than the 10i, atleast hardware wise. But 10i is almost 6 months old now and costs 1k less. Oneplus has settled, that too for subpar.

When will they launch base version is the question? Even though the product itself is not needed at this point with 1 5G Band.

I don`t even care about their devices anymore.

OnePlus is no longer user friendly brand. I have stopped using it further

European version has multiple 5G bands compared to the single 5G band in Indian version

OnePlus is going on downward trend. From android 11 fiasco to 7 series devices and this nord which doesn`t qualify for mid ranger. They will regret the greedy once it`s base starts to collapse

Only 1 Band Support If they provide 2 yr + 1 update . its a great buy . Otherwise its just ok

from oneplus uk, more 5g bands Hi Ranjit, Will you review Infinix note 10? I`m planning to buy a budget smartphone for online classes. Very confused with plenty of options. Which one should I pick ? This one or Poco M3 ? Phone should last around 3 years if I purchase now. Please share your opinion. Thanks

What`s the price of other varients?? And price is quite ok considering the brand... xaiomi mi 10i with same SD 750 chip starts from 22k. Samsung with HD display at same price

Nord ce is probably launched since the Nord 2 will be at 30k and above

One Plus always brings something interesting in the table. But this one is not interesting. This phone is flop before its release. I can totally ignore about 5G. Because it`s not relevant here. One plus needs to release a good phone at 29-32k range like MI 11X and IQOO 7.

what is this one 5G band thing OnePlus is doing? So ridiculous

Soon Too many phones will launch under Nord branding and it will be difficult to tell which is better

sir I think moto g 5g is way better or may be the best in supporting 5g bands...??

I live in hyderabad shoild i buy it or not would it support 5g here . And also can you tell me about what are this bands

In terms of 5g bands, I don`t know why they give 1band and claim that it`s a 5g smartphone see the competition realme x7 max which supports almost 7 5g bands...

This is OnePlus way of warning us that OnePlusNord2 won`t be as affordable as the original OnePlusNord

Omnivision 64mp camera

Just another reminder that Nord CE is not Nord 2 They`re going to use Dimensity 1200 in Nord 2.

this person is pissed because he doesn`t get review units from Oneplus, even the Iqoo provide single 5G band but he hardly mentions that

Useless 8 128 Varient But wait.... 6 128 will be out of stock forever So useful 8 128 Varient

Sir , I will think of it only after 5g actually rolls out in India. Till then I have no intention to burn my money. Also , in the mean time we will get many options.

Oneplus Nord ce base variant is vfm imo .... If someone is thinking to buy its top end variant then they should wait for OnePlus Nord 2 ..

It`s Costly, and No 5G Bands more than One. They make us Fool.

Oneplus has changed. They used to provide incredible value earlier but now they are fooling people by giving one 5g band to just give it a 5G tag.

Better than Mi10i I guess

The base varient is a good offering considering they have promised 2years of software and 3 years security update in the event

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