So what apps aren`t optimized for 120hz on the

October 14, 2021, 12:02 am
So what apps aren`t optimized for 120hz on the
So what apps arent optimized for 120hz on the 13 Pro series because every app seems to be smooth to me.

Honestly I dont think many are. Its OS level. Im sure some apps were updated but do they were not updated then theyre 60. But iOS is just smooth in general.

From what Im seeing its not just android user thats pointing that out IMJS I use both iOS and Android Im sure the apps have been optimized from the iPad using 120hz for a few years now right?

Want your answer just get the program used and run the test. If the developer hasn`t updated and mentioned new pro-motion compatibility then it isn`t optimized.

The lag is real. Here`s your answer... They bout to be in your mentions lol. I think I started following the wrong people cause used to no get any of that on my timeline.

Evey app was smooth in the 12 lol.

Android user:

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