So there are definitely people following me who I`ve

February 6, 2021, 7:18 am
So there are definitely people following me who I`ve
So there are definitely people following me who I`ve never met Please introduce yourself to me with a pic I`ll go first: Hi, I`m Rebecca from South Africa I love being creative, baking delicious treats & coding. I enjoy graphics, animations & UI stuff TechTwitter

Hi , I`m Asif from India . I enjoy developing Android apps , writing clean code and unit testing. In my free time while I`m not coding I like to read about international politics, human psychology & spend time in gym . I like following humanity religion totally forgot to attach the picture! Chocolate lava cakes and brownies. What`s yours? :)

Nice to meet you too! Thank you...good luck interviewing me soon

Hi from Germany. I`m a software dev, mostly did Android in the past years. I love Kotlin, baking and coding. I enjoy taking countless pictures of my pets and nature.

Hi I`m Herv, UNISA student & ndroid pationate --inspired by...your strory! Heard about you from in a learnership interview. Took part in GADS 2020, now preparing for my exam to avail myself for a junior dev role! Love opera & long walks at the beach Hi Rebeca, Seyed here, originally from Iran , ex-Pretorian , currently in Berlin . Love and it`s beautiful community. Kotlin and infra/core architecture and it`s challenges on mobile are my favorite.

I am Yusuf Adefolahan from Nigeria . Mobile developer: java, kotlin and flutter. I love listening to music and watching movies. Well mostly very rough game jam stuff, other than the work stuff I can`t talk about Here`s a jam game about flying a broken spaceship: Hi Rebecca :) Nice to meet you, I`m Steven Tu, graphics guy, VR developer, burner, DIYer, thinks about the future, and loves dogs, cats, tigers & most animals. Doing stuff at involved in & immersiveafrica communities <3 Princess switch 2 and if you are a fan of series Person of intrest will be just fine

Hi! I`m Felipe from Brazil . I work as a software engineer at and I like to learning it was the reason that I found your blog and following you :) Hi I`m Uchenna Chukwuwa from Nigeria An Android Engineer In my spare time I`m a technical writer. I love to share my knowledge in android any chance I can get. I love movies playing video games and traveling seeing the world is a secret craving of mine Hey! I like the initiative, I`m Mohamed, from Egypt I work as Android dev in Berlin. I`m a big fan of open-source projects and Kotlin, I like to play video games with friends in my free time (I`m the one on the right in case it isn`t obvious ) Hi ik this is a bit random I have a project to do for my Cs course invest coding using c language however I`m new to this and inquiring on what are the best resources materials to learn as I am new yo coding.sorry for any Inconvenience.

Best of 2020 was Ghost of Tsushima

Not yet, but I`m planning to travel after this time of covid-19

Hi! I am Alex. I work on the Android client at making sure peoples private convos stay private! I make a habit of following GDEs in areas I`m interested in. Outside of work I like spending time with my amazing wife and son, making music, and playing video games. Hi Rebecca! I`m Jov, based in NL Full time Android dev, blogging and recording screencasts on good SD practices like TDD, refactoring, etc. I love coding and cooking, especially Italian cousin Hi, I`m Ikemefuna from Nigeria I`m an Android dev. I enjoy listening to good music while coding. I am also a big fan of Radio. Currently excited about Jetpack Compose. Can I get a follow back? Yep that`s him! Similar breed, both working/herding dogs. Reggie is two and a half years old and is the most empathetic dog Hi, I`m Kent from West Michigan I love Mountain Biking, Pizza, and my mini aussie Reggie . I am an Android dev and work on an Online Banking app for my local Credit Union. Were scaling the language to include more languages.

Hi , I`m Manuel Ernesto from Angola , I`m software engineer working with Android and back-end. Hi! I am Anneliene (Anne for short) Im a designer transitioning into a UX/UI designer and I am from South Africa, Johannesburg. Avuxeni, I am Mukondleteri from South Africa . I spend most of my time coding and doing research on African history. I love everything native, a huge fan of Kotlin for the droid and Swift for Apple .
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