So the latest rumor claims a big remake is

October 11, 2021, 3:55 am
So the latest rumor claims a big remake is
So the latest rumor claims a big remake is set to be announced for PlayStation this December. A musician revealed they were tasked to write an Irish theme song for it. What game do you think it will be?

Jak and daxter 20 aniversary

A PlayStation All Stars remake/sequel perhaps?

Metal Gear Solid. The original theme The Best is yet to Come was in sang in Irish (Gaielge). But I doubt Metal Gear Solid will ever be remade cause Konami are c**ts.

More old games sold for 70$ lmao but to the non fanboys I hope you enjoy whatever it is

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons OLiberty

Metal Gear Solid Remake!

Maybe it`s that Metal Gear remake you keep taking Ls on

Would it be a remake of the excellent PS3 game folklore?

Too much rumors. Go back to games.

Hope we get a MGS remake

Another remake? God damnit

Its gonna be Knack Remake: Game of the Generation Edition

A BIG game with a very well remembered + meaningful Irish song in it at the very end? MGS! It`s about dang many games have been brought back but the 2 most impactful ones, Socom (for online) + MGS (for 1p stories) are still in the shadows :/ LET`S GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! "Turns out there`s been an Irish connection to Metal Gear Solid for years and nobody realised it" Folklore? A true sleeper hit classic


Considering the last song was written by and Irish artist in MGSIm going to sayape escape or syphon filter

GTA... it already happened.... it`s multiplat. Your welcome

Rumours also claim that hideo kojima is making it

Hopfully it`s not the last of us remake that would be a huge disappointment

Metal gear solid is the obvious choice

The best is yet to come.

-Playstation Home of the remasters and remakes Well it`s not a rumor it`s confirmed in that interview there is a remake for PlayStation...only thing is we are assuming PlayStation exclusive from a first party... But it could also be on PlayStation and other platforms.

It`s true the Irish artist is known as Ava she confirmed it herself during an interview

That`s the only reason you`re posting about it?

The Best Is Yet To Come, MGS1. Irish lyrics...

Metal Gear Solid - The Best Is Yet To Come We can dream right?

I hope it`s something else but it could be TLOU, probably

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