So the Intellivision Amico is allegedly coming out in

June 24, 2021, 3:42 pm
So the Intellivision Amico is allegedly coming out in
So the Intellivision Amico is allegedly coming out in October and was at E3. Do you plan on picking one up?

They did my boy Earthworm Jim dirty in the trailer they showed.

Price is a bit too much for some kind of raspberry pi.

Ive had mine preordered for some time.

The price will probably drop quick after no one buys it

I voted no but the only reason Id consider getting it is because I want that new earthworm Jim game.

with the crowdfunded investment money? that sounds like a solid long term plan

Nope. I don`t see it being worth buying personally. No games stood out to me, and I got Ouya vibes from it, which isn`t good

Id pay $30 for one at a wal-mart. $300 is a straight up scam

If I was gonna spend that much money on something video game related right now I would get the Astrocity Mini. The amico looks like it is going to be a massive failure.

No: simple reasons - It`s over priced. No one outside a select few has gotten access to the hardware. As a developer the exclusive to Amico games thing doesn`t make sense. How do developers make money on the system ? I`ll wait for a review if/when he gets hold of one

I`m just hoping Earthworm Jim 4 doesn`t die with the console.

You gotta show games worth playing first. Almost all of them look worse than eShop indie titles that sell for less than 5 bucks.

My wife doesn`t play video games, my oldest is going into college and my youngest is in diapers. The philosophy is geared towards couch co-op, which I like. But, for me, I don`t have a player 2 for on my couch.

They want 340 Canada bucks for it... Its absolutely insane

The controllers and games just look so clunky. I haven`t seen a single game that looks very fun. Looks like mobile Android games on TV.

Aren`t all of the games shown so far basically just mobile games?

yeah its a bit pricy for it but. Who knows? Price lowerage maybe if it doesn`t do well

Shit looks like a wood-grain TiVo

They look like flash games.

Can`t wait to buy their games on other platforms in three or four years, once it bombs!

I hope it does well, but as the only gamer in my home without any nostalgia for the original or many pre-NES systems I`ll wait.

For me, I was initially interested at the first trailer they did back in 2018, but since then so many things have changed (higher price being one) and none of the games look good enough to warrant the price ($250) so I`m out.

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