So people saying shitcoin X will REPLACE ETH

February 4, 2021, 7:49 pm
So people saying shitcoin X will REPLACE ETH
So people saying shitcoin X will REPLACE ETH. Firstly, compared to $ETH who is using it? Right now? Secondly, does it have billions of dollars locked in DeFi? Dont give hypothetical future scenarios with IFs and MAYBEs. If your aunt had balls shed be your uncle. Stick to facts

Firstly you are blinded by what you want to happen. Secondly you don`t even understand what is happening.

Why so angry? doge

Isn`t it the same thing they/we used to say about $ETH itself when it came out? I hold a decent bag of $ETH don`t get wrong, but I see a massive future opportunity slowly approaching

Guess when BLOCKHAIN uses expands to many other applications, it makes sense being bullish on other chains For the moment everything is focused on Defi and trading only... And ETH is 1st mover Anyway sucks spending thousands in gas per year, it`s only good for miners/ whales

The problem with these shitheads is they never understand fundamentals. Same type of people will worship Elon Musks Billion dollar status but never understand how he made there.

I`m starting to realize every time I spend some ETH I better believe that project is going to 10x this year. Else, why am I spending the ETH?

Exactly! Can be said the same thing with Facebook where all Facebook "killers" died even when they do offer better security and no ads at all.

But still, I feel like there`s money to be made in protocols like $avax or $near

Man the worst ones are the Cardano community and their "peer reviewed papers" blockchain. Still nothing on it...

$BTC = Apple $ETH = Android There`s so many who tried to compete with Android. Ubuntu Touch, Windows Phone, Harmony OS etc. All claimed to be faster, more efficient, true yes. But all of them died horribly. And the slow / inefficient Android OS is still king next to iOS.

What about DOT? Thought that was supposed to be the ETH killer

Well, COSMOS is starting to take off, any thoughts on that ?

Only Capo can speak truths and make you laugh at the same time !

ETH has 99% of all DeFi locked up aleady. No one is going to take out ETH. The entire DeFi space is ETH. Maybe competitors in the future but no one that has a working product and release. Word

Capo, you need to realise that most of the people going into those "Eth killers" are there for the money because they pump like crazy whenever Eth fees are insanely high. With or without users.

No Hashmasks? Not happening

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