So I`m being brave and trying to move away

October 17, 2021, 8:09 am
So I`m being brave and trying to move away
So I`m being brave and trying to move away from iPhone. Let`s see how this goes after some research I think I`ve chosen a decent android device?! XS Max to galaxys20fe

S21 Ultra here. iPhone for work. Samsung and Android are way better in my view and the camera on the Samsung is incredible.

I switched from iPhone 12 Pro max to Samsung S21 ultra and I think the Samsung is the better phone

Mines a Samsung A50. 128gb memory. It`s fabulous and was less than 300.

I went from XS max in 2019 to Note 10, now have the Note 20 Ultra and wouldn`t go back to IPhone.

Great move. iPhone is rubbish

I moved away from android last year enjoy!

Not sure I could ever move away from iPhone just love my Apple Watch, iPad, phone and MacBook air too much. Good luck though.

I`ve the s21 ultra. The cameras are fantastic!! X

It`s good yeah but how come you went for the S20 FE? Waiting on my S21 Ultra to be delivered.

I`ve used Android for personal use for about 8 years, used iPhone for work... Much prefer Android. Enjoy the new toy.

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