So Facebook, heard it was a "configuration change"

January 25, 2021, 11:42 pm
So Facebook, heard it was a
So Facebook, heard it was a "configuration change". to the engineers who fixed the issue and patiently tried to explain the cause to us to no avail.

Is anyone else still unable to use the app? I still cant login on 1/25, but I was able to login on my computer. This also happened to me a few months ago and I was hacked and my original account disabled w/I a review, then my Instagram was closed. Whats going on with the app?

Please resend our 2FA codes. Hundreds of us have lost access to our account due to your configuration change.

Im still having issues logging into my account, I didnt violate any community guidelines (Michael Patterson) Ive been logged out of my account since Friday. Ive tried everything including sending in my ID to get back into my account. I have not received the 6 digit verification code youve claimed to have sent me via SMS

This happened to my account on Jan 14th. I was hacked and My birthday was changed "still not old enough to have a FB account" is my disabled message. I have had no luck trying to submit a review request or ID verification, nor can I log in. Facebookdisabledme Help reblelnews help us make this noisy .... some one has to know how to contact them

Help center does not work. No sms text is ever sent to get a code!!!!! I still cant login to either messenger or Facebook, please help

I still cant login. This is ridiculous!

Since Friday evening still cannot log in. Facebook help pages etc doest do any good. Ive tried several different ways, platforms and places to reach Facebook and Facebook app and tried all the suggestions etc. nope, still not able to get in.

This doesnt help at all.

This problem is not resolved. Predators are telling desperate people to DM them for instructions on how to get back in. Gullible people, the elderly, will be compromised because of this. I hope MSM picks up on your failure and FB exposed for incompetence in handling this. my facebookdown still.

Fb Help doesnt help!!

Help center doesnt help

The Help Center is useless in this case. Its been almost 3 days. Ive requested and been told code sent multiple times. No code via email or text. Not in spam folder, either.

Anybody else getting this??? This is what Im getting...... fb help center does nothing to help..... SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!! I still cant login due to two step authentication please help

On iOS I still cant log back into the FB App or Messenger. Mobile web and my PC is fine. Ever since the logout on Friday the Apps arent sending me a 2FA Text and the Authenticator App code isnt working in the app; see image. Authenticator works fine on mobile and PC browsers. i still cant log in my facebook app at all ! like come on, how are you going to say its fixed but yet i cant log back in

I have reviewed the facebook app page and it does not address the problem I am having.

Im having the same issue. Facebook just keep asking me for a password that Ive requested to reset. Im losing the will here!

Still not getting two factor authentication code on mobile and no response from. Facebook too after filling out the form since 3 months really it`s not even fixed

Help it locked me out of my FB page. I have a different email address and phone from When I opened my fb account 12 years ago. How do I get back into my account???

I am still unable to get back in using the iOs app.

Two factor authentication is STILL not working. No codes generated by authentication app are valid. No SMS texts are being sent either. WTH ?? Do you plan to at least acknowledge the issue?!!

There has got to be another solution!!! Im still locked out!

Anyone been able to fix this issue yet and log back into their account?

any reason thousands of us were disabled for no reason??? This is my personal account of 15 years. I stilll cant log in to my account 5 days now?

Hi. Im still unable to log in. Ive changed my password, and I requested a code to my phone and email for log in since I have 2 step verification on. But I never received texts. I have sent my ID as well, but Ive not heard anything back. Help?

The link has nothing useful in it when its the Facebook app and messenger app that is having the error not our accounts or credentials

I am still having trouble logging in to my acct and receiving a message saying I cannot receive a code at this time. Please help!!

Mines still down, same code multiple times, says its incorrect

I have the same problem

Facebook its been 72 hours now since the glitch that signed everyone out. I have not been able to access my Facebook app or messenger app since. I get a unexpected error message - can access my account on a laptop just not the apps on my phone HELP ASAP

Id never give you my drivers license as proof. Are you all crazy?

Three days since your configuration and I cant get into my account the codes were not sent and then no codes were right when they finally did send. Followed everything as per your help page and no avail. facebooklogout

Well I am still waiting on a code. It has been 48 hours. I deleted the app. If Facebook wants me to continue using the app send the code and fix the problem

Still locked out! For three day! keeps sending the codes to my old phone number and not my current one!

I need help!!! I hate the double verification!!! not working or sending codes to email or cell!!!

It happened to me today and I haven`t received a number for 2-factor authentication. None of my browsers can approve me. I don`t have a code generator. I submitted a request for help. How long will that take?

Still Cant Access my Facebook account. It said it will send a 6 digit code and nothing has happened. I only link the account with my number and nothing. Even sending my ID and nothing has happened. Anyone in the same scenario?

Can someone help me out? How to get the code? Its so annoying. Havnt received a code in 3 days. facebooklogout facebookdown I still cant receive my code, please help

I am not receiving code to authenticate my account, i have access to my phone, email, trusted contacts.. but nothing is getting through because of your so called config change. Please help..i submitted my id too. Atleast get me the code

Still cant use app. Says no account exists for my email

The help center doesnt do shit, it keeps going to a screen saying my request cannot be completed

Still not fixed.. Sending in a help form does t do anything either.. My account been disabled for over a month and a half and i did nothing wrong facebookdisabledme

I am still unable to get into my account since the log off. Can someone reach out to me to get this fixed? I created a case with [email protected] since there is no way to get in touch with a live person.

Still having issues. Your help page doesnt help. No code is ever texted. Can we get an update? Still cant get in to Facebook...

Still having issues. Not receiving codes. Ive been locked out since Friday. I cant get into Facebook at all so I cant turn off 2 level authentication nor get to the code generator. There has to be a fix for this.

The help center does NOTHING

I cant log on at all.. help me!

Facebook needs to be shut down, the same thing they did to myspace

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