So after 25 years of dedication to Android

June 10, 2021, 6:03 pm
So after 25 years of dedication to Android
So after 25 years of dedication to Android....I`m getting my first personal iPhone ever today..... I`m scared......any tips because I know up will be down for me.....

If it`s not too late I`d recommend going from pixel to the Samsung Note line up. Split screen action and the pen functions are super helpful.

I use Android for personal and iPhone for work. If you use Google apps, have low expectations for features and performance on the iPhone. Could that be considered a tip??

i`ve always had an iphone then i got a pixel and loved it. but then i didn`t like the lack of privacy and not being able to delete google drive apps & made me see work often. So i`m back to apple, i like it a lot! It has a "don`t allow app to track" option which is a start.

Breathe. Take it slowly, dont be afraid to ask for help. YouTube also helps when you want to do something specific.

I have to say, I`ve been on Android for a decade, but the end to end encryption of many things in iOS is tempting, plus the easy opt out app tracking feature in the new iOS is amazing and has companies like Facebook scared bc they won`t be able to profit as easily from our data

Is it unlocked? If so, it should work. But both phones are good hardware, and assuming both are unlocked you can swap the sim card between the two and switch back and forth and give them both a try simultaneously. Then, sell the one you don`t want!

Group things on home screens bc the app list doesnt work the same. And while On the Home Screen scroll all the way to the left to find a search bar for apps Welcome. For me having the ability to use iPhone/iPad(w/pencil) & OneNote was life changing for ed work. Worth the move

Ive had less trouble with iPhones compared to androids. They last longer for me. Its an adjustment after Android but I prefer the ease of iPhone.

Make sure you do or don`t want a locked phone. Also have a salesperson(unless it`s delivered) activate it. Otherwise you could spend close to two hours on the phone trying to get it activated or unlocked. I just went through this less than a month ago.

If you have a Pixel 5 you might want to give CalyxOS a try. I`m a couple weeks in and loving it. I`ve never had an Android, but have been very satisfied with iPhone. Best trick that was not intuitive: when writing text, you can hold the space bar to create a cursor you can move - it`s a touchpad. Very helpful for editing.

Its been a long time since Ive had an Android, so I dont know how the software works anymore, but I find that having a MacBook and iPhone makes everything seamless across devices. But i do often wonder if that poses more of a security risk

I was a long time Android user who switched to iPhone a year or two ago. It was...not easy. I still have complaints, but the privacy aspects will keep me with Apple. I honestly miss my Pixel phone and many aspects of the Android OS.

I switched from iPhone to Pixel and haven`t regretted it BUT I do think iPhones are very intuitive. There are definitely going to be things to get used to, but it`s not the worst switch!

im just trying to "spread kindness"

You may love it .

You`ve got this! I believe in you! Ahhh my phone is starting to act up so I know soon I`ll have to make a choice. I hope it works out for you! I may see how you feel in a week or so lol

I have i everything except my phone. I`m too engrained with G00gle & like having the ability to actually customize my screens to where I want things to be.

I`ve heard it`s worth spending a bit of time getting used to: - the way text works (selection, swipe typing, etc) - overall navigation, since there aren`t the same "up" and "back" hardware buttons and there are gestures instead Enjoy / observe the smoothness of touch and camera!

Welcome to team iPhone! Can I ask why you made the switch? I have debated because I have an iPad and old MacBook but I just love my Android phone and don`t know if I can give it up.

Why are you turning to the dark side?

iPhones are good for multitasking, which I use for business only. But, its operating system is clunky. I love my Android.

Why are you switching? I`m considering but I have no Apple anything.

no, it`s a good product. you`ll get used to it.

Youll be great in about 4-7 business days lol

Turn off Siri. Its annoying and useless imo

it`s hard to get used to at first. compared to google assistant, Siri absolutely sucks. however, if you have other apple devices -- laptop, desktop, ipad, whatever -- you will love the seamless handoff between them all.

There is a tips section. Check that out. Its helpful. Also, theres a shortcut sectionwow.

Dont let Siri speak to you, ever. Mute it.

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