July 27, 2021, 1:55 am
So... whos all shopping for an android?

Meeeee I had both went home from doing an overnight shift put it in a basket of clothes before I put them in the washer and forgot until I went to put the dryer now I need to replace it I need one for pancake swap too cant get my iPhone to link to it

UGH!!!! I was just looking at some lol. But I think Im in the apply prison for life since I pretty much own every product lol.

I already have one, but I`m going to wait for the full release.

Android shmandroid, ill stick it out for the iOS release

Cant deal with Android will stick to my iPhone

Absolutely not, I`ll wait a little longer

I want to get one, Ive had one, but I dont want to get one and then be an unlucky percentage that doesnt qualify for open beta.

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