Smaller devs have a better chance of getting rollback

May 28, 2021, 5:17 am
Smaller devs have a better chance of getting rollback
Smaller devs have a better chance of getting rollback into their FGs. More control of budget. Less departments to manage. Don`t have to go thru endless approvals from higher ups. It`s one of the reasons smaller FGs end up getting rollback. A few ppl make the call & it`s done.

Im a huge fan of Sega until recently tho I pre-ordered Shenmue HD Collection & fell in love with it day 1 they are my favorite games of all time I also liked 3 even tho it wasnt as good as 1&2 it was good my question is Sega still a billion dollar company? Sega Sonic

That is true, however, some things should be standard by now and I don`t think that should be overlooked. We are talking decades and decades of being behind the industry here. There`s a very dangerous trend in gaming industry that relies on customers being shamed for cont.

Yes. But still, even small companies, with low budget, can, at least, give a prediction of how they will/can provide a Rollback Netcode on their titles. Specially consisering now that a good netcode is being pretty much ESSENCIAL to any fighting game. Here`s an example: Japan companies is paperwork and having the right kind of data to show to the higher ups.

Makes you wonder why Game Freak, despite having the same dev team size for Pokemon as they did 25 years ago AND some of the highest funding in gaming, has so little innovation.

Hope for a VF6 with rollback !

Speaking of smaller companies, there`s a fighting game called Shaolin vs wutang. Surprisingly good to say only ONE person made it.

I feel like it boils down to: "Hey, can you make this game work the same in your engine? You can? We`ll give you this much in order to do such, and not much more to do other stuff."

Yeah, rollback isn`t that much about money, it`s about some JP devs being stuck in the past

This is not a positive thing. It just means big companies are ruining their own games with the bureaucracy. We should still work towards changing that.

so its just japan culture flexing

Well, yes, that`s why bigger companies have more money, so they can tackle all of those things with even more success. If they want to.

Old SEGA SAMMY doesn`t know what a rollback is. It better be a kind of Pachinko machine.

It`s also easier to put rollback in games in development rather than the MKX route

is getting rollback,currently multiplayer is just via parsec from Android emulator.

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