skip the iPhone 13 don`t buy the iPhone 13

September 15, 2021, 3:29 pm
skip the iPhone 13 don`t buy the iPhone 13
skip the iPhone 13 dont buy the iPhone 13 why i returned the iPhone 13 the iPhone 13 failed

I know dude and I didnt mean to hate, I actually love your content but it is kind of the same clickbait even if there were quotes lol


Ah the annual almost fall tradition

Was a little disappointed to see this: Cinematic Mode does not support 4K. Instead, it records at 1080p at 30fps. Shouldnt they have called it Soap Opera Mode?

"The more things change, the more they stay the same" words that the tech industry abides by...

Yeah. So tired of the same sh*t. I don`t even watch youtube anymore except for reviews if I want to buy someone.

U just summarise all thumbnails.

You missed the Apple Lied About The iPhone 13

They didnt change anything iPhone 11,12,13 all the same

I agree with everything!! Apple failed.

This guy always asks you to skip every iPhone

iPhone 13 seems like a social media influencer and content creators wet dream.

Why do people hate so much on this app?, theres literally nothing you will gain from hate.

Here`s the truth about the iPhone13

iphone 6 users can switch to 13 now

Still the same type of clickbait

Ya thats how u and everyone do it

With the superstition around the number 13 so rampant in US culture (to the point where some buildings dont have a Floor 13), I was shocked that Apple didnt skip the number. I laughed when I saw that the pre-order date was a Friday (as usual obv), but still surprising

Why i Switched to IOS from Android- Iphone 13

Wonder how many will skip based on numerological superstition

You need to make a living. I understand

why the iPhone 13 Mini is actually the best iPhone two weeks later here`s why I returned my 13 Mini in favour of {newest Android phone}

iPhone 13 after 1 week iPhone 13 after 1 month iPhone 13 after 3 months iPhone 13 after 6 months iPhone 13 after 1 year

What Apple DIDNT warn us about on the iPhone 13


Im still with my XS Max and Im fine. They need 98% screen to get me to upgrade. Im talking, no unibrow, no punch hole, everything needs to be under the glass. TRUE 120hz display, none of that adaptive crap. And storage at least 512gb. Anything less is pointless.

You are the worst Apple fan boy i have ever seen

Please take note and avoid these titles man

None wants to hear about that!

Yes lol. Still using iPhone 7.

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