Since YouTube views are now part of this stupid

June 11, 2021, 3:11 pm
Since YouTube views are now part of this stupid
Since YouTube views are now part of this stupid narrative, this is for the fanboys who still try to claim that exclusives push console sales

Exactly. So many of the Sony fanboys (ponies) who say exclusives are the reason PlayStation is big is wrong and are a small minority. I legit have 7 friends who have PS4 or ps5 and mostly play 3rd party games

@CringeConsole I also think that streaming being a lot bigger will help push more sales too. Cod is more popular than ever because of influencers. I think that is somewhere that EA needs to look at for the new Battlefield

Whats sad is how niche battlefield is compared to other shooters as well, its only just above medal of honor in popularity

I`ve been saying this for a long time now that most people who game on PlayStation don`t buy exclusives. They buy 3rd party games and that`s it. How is it that they have a console base of 115m yet their exclusives sell anywhere between 5%-20% of their user base? Makes no sense

@Wadey9971 I think Xbox`s focus is software sales, where the real money is made. Hardware sales are good but the vast majority of video game profit is in the software. Xbox seems to be playing the long game.

1 DAY 11M views Pre-Ordwes are up Also, Oof 2: Electric Boogaloo Comparing a multiplat to an exclusive

Said who Well CGI hypes up BUT gameplay coming on 6/13 will determine that fo sho. From playing countless hours of BF 1942 on PC and BF5 on XSX I can firmly say that BF2042 will be Yo bro are you serious? Lets have a conversation. Its gonna turn into history lesson for you. But I think it will be worth it. Hit me up.

Then why is PS5 outselling Xbox 2 to 1?

the only reason I got a ps5 is the games, especially the ones form the ps4, for example i wanna see spiderman 2,god of war ragnarok, horizon 2 and all sequels, because if ps5 games are on every platform I`ll definitely get an xbox, better bc and stronger than the ps5

You just mentioned things that literally all platforms have. There is reasons Playstation and Xbox make exclusive games. I`m sure they have their reasons. This is just how I see it.

All those things can be on any platform. Exclusive are only on one. So yes, Exclusives are the only incentive to purchasing a specific console.

Exclusives are literally the only incentive to buy a specific console. Just how it is right now so the fanboys, as you say, are not wrong.

They could buy a console. Just not a specific console for this specific game. They can buy a PC or any console. Very simple stuff here.

Yes. They won`t buy PS5 thinking that`s the only way to Play the game.

You implied that exclusives don`t sell consoles. They most certainly do. They Playstation consoles specifically. BF2024 does not sell PS5 PC or Xbox hardware. It`s sells as a third party game. Meaning you only need one of those and it doesn`t have to be a console.

Yeah but not a specific console. They can buy it on any platform. Pc xbox or Playstation. So they wouldn`t specifically buy a console for a game they can play anywhere. Thats not hard concept to get.

Bf2042 looking fire

People are not buying a console for game they can play anywhere.

Because half of those 11 was to laught at aloy`s new inflated face

Exclusives don`t push sales, they push systems. Those systems turn around and make money off licensing fees for games like Battlefield 2042. The more PS4s you have because people wanted to play Ghost of Tsushima, the more possible sales with licensing revenue Sony can have on PS4

Yup. 11 million views does not translate to sales.

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