Show us some screenshots from your favourite Sea of

July 4, 2021, 2:07 pm
Show us some screenshots from your favourite Sea of
Show us some screenshots from your favourite Sea of Thieves: A Pirate`s Life Tall Tale!

I got one pretty one, and another where we got our ship stuck in the bay at Dagger Tooth Outpost I wasn`t available to do screenshot while a try FIVE TIMES to do your glitched Tale 2. Sorry.

Soo pretty Hanging with the coolest captain "This isn`t the pearl." Love the Sea of the damned! Bedtime story Basically every single moment from Tall Tale 3.

Im waiting for my 3070 to come in before I do the tall tales

This beauty ! I call it china is committing genocide. Don`t have screenshots but the 3rd one when you go to the tavern and find jack sparrow

This picture of me and my friend/best crewmate/pirate legend inside the Merfolk Palace. Too bad these don`t bring in money. Neither did the ones at Flameheart. That`s what sucked. We worked hard for this. Meg wanted to join in on the Tall Tale has never ridden the PotC ride, so I showed him around. the portal looks like a vagina.

Me and my crew! Diving down all the way to the ocean floor and discovering the chained Pearl and the Sunken Kindom was one of my favourite moments in all of Sea of Thieves! Too many to share! The world above the Sea of the Damned Jack and crew and a nicely timed sunset What a journey! My grim reaper bro. Also I heard the kraken encounter only happens when no events are active (e.g skull forts, flame heart and so on) is this true ? I mean it would explain why I`ve not seen one in the wild in so long. Just thankful I get to go up close with one in this tall tale dabbing all over this tall tale "You see the horizon cuz I don`t!" I think everyone has this SoTShot. It was beautiful. Perfect shot to end the introduction into a Pirates Life Mightve found an OoB glitch in the sea of the damned that gave me a good pic of the ship I dont have any.. lmao

A Meg jumped out the water to greet us, I thought the legendary Captain Jack sparrow would man the cannons....he didn`t And I found him here I like the solar eclipse I think the hoist your colours song has to be the best part of the new update. When you walk through the iron gate and listen to the ghosts singing the song combined with the atmosphere is what makes it amazing you did a good job on this Rare and everyone is happy with you work.

This one felt the most like being on an actual theme park ride, loved every moment of it! I had to take a vreak due to a glitch in the first part when I went to pick up the keys from the dog for the cage. The dog fully disapeared so i had to restart the whole thing... I dont know if I will get back to the game after that.

All just drinking all the time Not a screenshot shot but my favourite part is at the beginning where you are exploring the cave. The music from the ride and the atmosphere is just amazing. You guys did such a great job on this expansion.

No screenshots.........just disappointment after getting taken out by a 4 player ship when me and a mate have jsut been treasure hunting and doing our own thing

I didn`t take a whole lot when I went through (wanted full immersion + screencapping while streaming not the easiest), but I managed to pick up a couple neat moments. Don`t have a favorite yet, only done the 2 first one, but AMAZING tall tales! Exploring the whispering bayou Absolutely love the comparison between the pearl and a SOT galleon. Stop the bugs and maybe I can show u

I like this one I took leaving the tall tale. I really like these screenshots Felt like i was in a movie, you guys did amazing job rare

Me begging the Ferry Man to give us better angles sot SeaOfThieves Hanging out with the coolest pirate ever. Teach me the pirate way Capt JACK! He was kind enough to take a selfie with me. Tale 3 really captured the essence of the ride. I love, love, love it! SeaOfThieves PiratesoftheCaribbean Here are mine! It was great fun with a friend if mine! The last Tall Tale!! :33 I`m only ok the 3rd tall tale cause every one keeps bugging and forcing us to restart our games, but honestly I`m not impressed... it just feels like I`m on rails and so much is being ripped straight from the film...

The first one is my Favourite but also all of them My favorite moment have so many! Just chillin with Jack Just a few peaceful moments from the hectic life of a pirate! I went to hell when i jumped in the sea of the dammed on the way back to the sea of thieves . How about the tale of some asshole who blew up my ship & left me out to sea?

Is this expansion a solo game? I loved the turorial bit of the original but wished it wasn`t all co-op after that. Would love a solo pirate adventure.

This is so far one of my best captures from the new tall tales. The tales you make your own. Have you thought about a health bar for big encounters...... Cause jesus

Such a beautiful game Is it cheating to snag a pic during the cinematic transition bit? On my way to the pearl 2 of my favorites... wish this game had a photo mode at times With my fellow pirate HELP, the water is gone!!!! With my favorite crew mates classical When i joined the crew of the flying dutchman!! Guess I dont need anything. Lol I mean hell they work their shop 24/7/365 they deserve some time off. Side note, emotes are still causing character to disappear from time to time as well as a delay in the emote animation after selecting it. Are we the cutest crew or what? would this qualify? Just chilling out with some friends on the Dutchman I dont own an Xbox console but so glad I found an alternative way playing Sea of Thieves. Really enjoying this game, for me it sits perfectly to chill and live the pirates life by streaming it to my iOS device . (Not an actual game screenshot cos Im to indulged ) We went on a little trip Myself pic credit to Badbrother. Is there a limit?.. Best pirate adventure I`ve ever seen Blackhole sun! I don`t have screenshots, but I do have stream clips :P (Spoilers for Tall Tale 4) 10 minutes later we were sunk im begging you to please let me have a pet seagull. its all i want Loveing it Only did the first 2 but I already have lots of shots. Here are some of my favorites SeaOfThieves APiratesLife Texturing/20 A few,
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