Should @PlayStation put #TheLastOfUsRemake in #PSPlusPremium @PlayStation Yeah maybe

June 20, 2022, 6:56 pm
Should @PlayStation put #TheLastOfUsRemake in #PSPlusPremium @PlayStation Yeah maybe
Should put TheLastOfUsRemake in PSPlusPremium

Yeah maybe a trial will be on it

It`s not a new game but it`s being ground up remade. I see no issue charging full retail for that work. They can experience the full story with the remaster if they don`t like the price. That still can entice old players

I would tend to disagree but I guess we won`t really know until the final product is revealed

You suggesting the quality of Gotham Knights is higher than TLOU Remake? . Tf!? Just because games that aren`t on everyone`s radar release cheaper to get their foot in the door doesn`t make you entitled to shit, nor does it mean other games should.

Being a mug is seeing value in a product? Man you`ve completely lost it.

Here... This is for you

Brev... Factions 2 is coming out. Yeah no multiplayer is a bummer as I love Factions 1. But I still have Factions 1 to play, installed on my PS. Don`t tell me what I should personally find a games value to be. To me it`s worth the RRP as it`s a ground up remake like demons souls.

I respect it. You don`t have to try to rationalize waiting for a sale lol

Nope. If you don`t want it, don`t buy it. If it isn`t a sizable enough improvement for you, just stick with the remaster. You aren`t missing anything. I tend to disagree about it not being a significant improvement but to each his own Its gonna be in there eventually. Thats the next question we should be asking. No day and date is fine with me. But when do exclusives from PlayStation Studios go live on Plus Premium or Extra? Once people learn that timing will it effect sales? Cause many may just wait!

If its the same quality as the demons souls remake I have zero issues tbh

They probably will put it on after a year. I think Sony is going to do a balancing act with all their games. Release them on PS+ Premium at more or less the same time as PC. While most sales for a game will come within 12-14 months of a games release at full price ($70) on PS5.

Tlou remastered is already in there. So not really. Imo

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