Should I ditch my Galaxy s10 for the iPhone

January 26, 2021, 3:21 am
Should I ditch my Galaxy s10 for the iPhone
Should I ditch my Galaxy s10 for the iPhone 12? One thing I love about the s10 is the palm activated selfie feature (used for many of my outfit shots ). The cameras are great and it has a good old fashioned headphone port. I had a iPhone 6s before, loved it but, decisions...

Wouldn`t trade my Note 10+ for anything, except the Note 20+

I changed last year, Samsung S9+ to iPhone 11. I love my new phone and not had an iPhone since the 4s. I was a bit surprised the iPhone 12 really only had changes to having 5G and a squareish Body and that was it so might be worth looking at the iPhone 11 instead?

Damn right... She might be a know it all, but she`s my know it all

Literally.......... Everything!

Something about iPhone are the best.... Blah blah blah

I struggled with the decision to stick with android or switch to iPhone and I decided that I couldn`t be doing with starting all over again with everything so I stuck to android. I know Sammie would tell you differently, but I didn`t cave lol

Android right now... I cannot get along with Android. I have an iPhone 12 for personal use and I find them so easy to use. Have a Samsung j6 for work and its like trying to untangle Christmas lights just finding a text message! iPhone all the waaaaay!

I have had a the X and now have an 11 Pro Max. You can just ask Siri to take a picture. xx

Sony Xperia Ive still got an iPhone 6 so I cant help you Im afraid Lizzy

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