Shopping for a new mobile

July 21, 2021, 4:55 pm
Shopping for a new mobile
Shopping for a new mobile. Without say iPhone, because I will not buy one, can anyone suggest a good one?

I always stick to Samsung, amazing cameras and very easy to use . Only ever had one iPhone and disliked it plus being so dependent on Apple just annoyed me

My son has a v good Xperia Android. Takes excellent pics too

The Moto G series is great! And... cheap! Go straight to Samsung they have a trade in deal that takes the s21 down to 500. I did that last month.

I`ve got a Samsung Galaxy A52, which I really like.

I have the Huawei P20, I always go about two models down from the latest, you get a good device without the price!

Without saying iPhone? Then no, can`t suggest a good one

I bought my Mr`s the Samsung A51 she loves it

Any Samsung. Much better than i-phone. Fantastic battery life too.

Samsung S20 is great

It`s not a problem as such they network is being focused on major cities atm and smaller areas won`t benefit from the boost as quickly. The upgrade is by no means comprehensive just now. I`m a telecoms designer so I know where the priority areas are just now.

Ah`ve got the Samsung Galaxy S20fe brilliant phone.

A. Smart phone called Alba 2. Cheap to, does everything I Need, very good value for the money.

It`s decent for the price tbh, doesn`t have wireless charging but it has a good camera and battery life. Tbh if you are outwith large cities the chances of 5G are limited atm so there is no point forking out big bucks until its rolled out countrywide.

Samsung galaxy A12, excellent camera, not too expensive, but Samsung is usually my first choice.

I like xiaomi phone`s, I got the Samsung S20 5G in the Spring and I`m very happy with it. And the 3 lens camera is amazing!

Looks good. I can`t get 5G or I might have gone for that one.

I`ve got the Samsung Galaxy S20. Great camera

I`m still using me sons cast off Samsung Galaxy 7 edge. I hated iPhone

I just got a Samsung s20 FE 5G and I`m happy with it so far

Can never go wrong with a Samsung.

Worth looking at Motorola as value for money.

I just got myself a Galaxy A12.. I`m no into all the fancies, but it does everything that I want...

I`ve got a Samsung Galaxy A71. Until I can afford the S22 it does for me. Good camera. Quick responses.

Depends how much you want to spend

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