Shill me your next 50x #BSC Gem I`m on

June 24, 2021, 4:35 pm
Shill me your next 50x #BSC Gem I`m on
Shill me your next 50x BSC Gem Im on the lookout for the next $Tiki or $RISE

BoxerInu over 10 mil MC overnight, Trending No 2 on Dextools (was 1) 12,500 highly dynamic holders and community, buzzing TG group, UFC fighters on board - still early and defo a x100 Invest brings you iOS and Android video games , NFTs, scholarships and more. Look into its project & community. It`s going to be the next big thing in cryptocurrency. It`s a gem THEMOONISYOURS $OSM SUPERMOON UNMASKINGTHEHEROES happycoin major marketing kicks off tomorrow will easily get back to all time high. Hitting all roadmap targets and a project you can be proud to be part of tackling mental health issues $happy

You are definitely missing out on HappyCoin! It`s at an amazing price right now, and we are going to have a massive marketing push tomorrow. Invest in the perfect long-term project that stands for a good cause. Stay $happy bsc btc doge safemoon charity mentalhealth Then take a look at $GRP, an absolute gem!

100 X coming for SUPERMOON Love this project! The community behind Supermoon is absolutely awesome. So many good things happening! Very excited for the future. $OSM SUPERMOON THEMOONISYOURS UNMASKINGTHEHEROES Chk out and bet u gonna lov supermoon unmaskingtheheroes $OSM daretodreambig themoonisyours SUPERMOON is hosting a huge doxxing event today at 7 PM UTC! Great opportunity to learn about this innovative project and meet the amazing dev team UnmaskingTheHeroes $OSM Supermoon TheMoonIsYours DareToDreamBig BSCGems BSC We have big things planned for tomorrow, news articles, billboards and influencer videos! Its only going up! HappyCoin If you are on the look out for something that gonna rise then check out supermoon $OSM Huge unmaskingtheheroes doxxing event happening tonight, if you daretodreambig then load up on and themoonisyours is in it for the long haul. Amazing dev team with plans for the future and beyond. Community is SUPER active. Retro video game in the works. $osm unmaskingtheheroes daretodreambig SUPERMOON themoonisyours Join us on the moon, smart contract, reflections, amazing devs with daily voice chat amas. Retro video game in the works. $osm daretodreambig themoonisyours SUPERMOON unmaskingtheheroes BEST DEVS IN THE INDUSTRY where else can you have daily voice chats with the creators of a projectnowhere else. Retro video game in the works. $osm SUPERMOON daretodreambig themoonyours unmaskingtheheroes

supermoon is next gem!!! Awesome plans for future, amazing community!! Escrow service!!! Supermoon game comming soon!! Don`t miss our big event today!! unmaskingtheheroes Let`s go to the moon!!! THEMOONISYOURS $OSM 3bnb SUPERMOON (OSM) THEMOONISYOURS DARETODREAMBIG UNMASKINGTHEHEROES STRONG COMMUNITY, INNOVATIVE DEVS, UNIQUE STYLE, ESCROW SERVICE for large sells, BIG VISION, LOW MARKETCAP READY FOR LIFTOFF!!! Supermoon (OSM) Exciting Roadmap Innovative DEV Team Affective Tokenomics Dedicated Community $OSM Will Do Great Things! UNMASKINGTHEHEROES $OSM SUPERMOON THEMOONISYOURS DARETODREAMBIG LOOK HERE: Buy Supermoon and come to the unmasking the heroes event in Telegram and YouTube on the last Supermoon of 2021. TODAY at 2PM CST! Be there for the dox! $OSM supermoon themoonisyours daretodreambig altcoin bsc bscgem unmaskingtheheros DHOLD has a very low market cap at the moment and a very strong community backing the project the developers have created for us. I believe this token will soar in the future!

What is ? 75,000 Holders $190,000 Donated to 5 Charities Certik audited Bitmart Listed + huge Influencer marketing tomorrow NY + LA Billboards and major news coverage HappyCoin $HAPPY MissionHappy Im with Doxxed devs, nicest crypto community, huge of potential, its own swap, NFTs coming. Pushing hard this week, dont miss this opportunity to help changing lives. Join MISSIONHAPPY now HappyCoin $Happy mentalhealth bsc Have you heard of Tomorrow, our biggest marketing push will start! I hope you could check us out and see our mission for the mental health space. HappyCoin donating $190,000 to mental health charities is just the beginning! mentalhealthmatters bsc bscgems $DHOLD +1 for Milpool It really is a gem. You should read the Whitepaper or come visit the Telegram community to make up your own mind. I`m sure everyone says their community is the best, but there is a reason milpool held so strong during the market crash earlier this week


Happycoin is my fav altcoin! Honestly, just check it out and you`ll see why I`m so bullish on it! $190,000 donated already to mental health charities! Audited, renounced contract, 74k holders and just an awesome community! The future is bright for this project! Been filling my bag. 94% Supply gone forever.. Fomo will start soon once people understand why this is a gem Blackhole fairlaunchcalls Hyperdeflationary Defi Crypto Revolutionary Portfolio token Tyler hill talked about it in his gem hunters episode

can evm 100x do from here?

$BLZ of looks solid

Ever mars $monsta looks solid

Mar$hot! How about the next best BSC project? $MONSTA is a next level DeFi protocol and is much better compared to other pyramid shitcoins like $RISE. If your IQ is above 50 you can understand the docs linked below and will probably agree with me. CakeMonster Lets help these guys . They want to MileyCyrus here :) it ll be so funny lets go

Lets help us ! MileyCyrus ll come here !!

Is the next big coin And it will stay the distance too, no pump and dump there

Just enjoy the chart during this bloody market no lemets for safe_gem $GEMS We are coming soon. Follow us for more info and updates. vwbeetle $vwbtl

You relly should look at this one. Shib + RISE = nuff said I believe in The team behind this project does a lot of excellent work! Its a great crypto project with a noble cause and an awesome dev team. Come join the movement to clean our Oceans CleanOcean CleanOceanToken Join us if you haven`t yet, get on board EverMars we got a 5x just to our ath coming this week and beyond that anything is possible Along with paddycoin, is about to make a comeback, utility now underway and the first burn of coins will be coming in the next 3 days. Missed the first pump? Don`t miss the 2nd! stonks StonksToken $stonks

Check out $PADDY Our goal is to tackle the global mental health crisis, we have some incredible partnerships in the pipeline!

That is nothing but the thruth, will get to Mars ! DiamondHandsGetTheWorm

$EVM lets go to the mars EverRise devs seems to like EverMars

True dat

Check out PooShi Inu. $STRIKE will be bigger Fair launch Tomorrow The next BSCGEM will be $GFN but it is not a meme token or a pump and dump, the project is technologically capable of bringing scalability, interoperability and decentralization in an accessible and low cost ecosystem. Legit everrise folk dude, btc dips aint stopping them! Try it for yourself Sir

is the only legit $Rise fork. See for yourself dude got listed on coingecko 1 day, added lasted night. Audited and use case on its way! $DINK ALLLLLLL DAY! Now you`re talking, don`t miss out...wanna know more? Check it out at My guys it`s gotta be EverMars the best of the forks for real definitely gonna do big things BSC BTC cryptocrash Would be awesome to have you here

How about something which is yet to be launched? Take a look at A BSC gem with unique and revolutionary concept, which has a solid use case.

Yesssss we will be happy to have you

Very low mc. Will take off anytime evermars $EVM If you like Rise, give $EVM a look at. You`d be fairly surprised at what this coin is capable of! Evermars STOP your search as EverMars is here. Just listed in Coin Tiger and Coin Gecko tracking is already in place. Logo in Trust Wallet is showing too. Not to mention the IPAD Giveaway! EverMars You guys check this out. Team always deliver and has the strongest community ever. Survived the btc dips. evermars $EVM PVM (Privateum) not only 50, but way way more! goodluck!

Too bad market ruined the momentum

$RISEUP is better rip off of $RISE check it out

Definitely $GreatApe 100% rug proof and decentralised. Written from scratch by a Legendary Dev who created RFI (most if not all forked it) Utilities are being developed as well! Techrate audit 0 errors Check it out at $SRT is a solid play. Launching their platform soon, donating to streamers, raids are a ton of fun to join. Definitely worth a look.

also $MONSTA is another unique one collecting $CAKE rewards based on tx volume think it has a lot of room to grow over the next few weeks 10x from yesterday Littlebulltoken (LTB) Verifed contract address : Telegram: Telegram: Website : Chart : Twitter : $MUSUBI Chart bottomed out. Mcap under 250K Dynamic fee mechanism. The more price impact selling the the fee check astrokitties. 12% BNB rewards

Check us out. People sleepin on $srt

$AK it`s essentially $TIKI but on steroids 12% $BNB rewards every 30 MINUTES THIS IS THE NEXT 50x checm it out

We are launching today 4PM UTC on Pancakeswap fam. Get ready for some extra long green chlongs on the charts $GDILDO

CR7 CR7Token | Cristiano Ronaldo Fan Token Burned : 80% LP Locked : 100% Renounce Ownership: Yes Website: Telegram: Contract: 0x8394e890932dB01421644917b01f5A393eAE57f4 must be this one

NFTs meet custom RPG game, cant go passed Meme Lordz check that out mate.

Comments about to go off

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