Shill me your favourite strong FA plays - Active

August 2, 2021, 6:36 pm
Shill me your favourite strong FA plays - Active
Shill me your favourite strong FA plays - Active team - Under 10m MC - Strong roadmap - Good community One word tickers will be ignored. Will go through all detailed replies. Looking to take more long term positions whilst the looks like its reversing

Shilled few times but not sure if you missed it. Defo take a look at what they are doing and what kind of clients they have. Imagine VET in early days. It will be bigger and only 2.5mil MC. Not sure why people still sleeping on $MFG

$Whl same team that building $htr hathorswap

$ORAI, doing lots behind the scenes, launched airi too which is NFT project

$CHONK / $YELD / $VRN / $ROT all possible 10x / 100xs Hello Pepe , $EVED 1,7mil mcap yet already partnered with Lovefest 100.000 attendees, Untold 370.000 attendees and Tomorrowland 400.000 attendees. Founded in bearmarket, grew team a lot during covid and most transparent and community active team I know.

Definitely $VAI. I found $VRA and $HTR before their moon missions and I honestly think $VAI might go way higher than $VRA and $HTR. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Please have a look The all in one platform to manage all your crypto of the 3 biggest blockchains. Huge potential; working product, beautiful UI, hard working team, low MC, deflationary supply, CCS 10.38M. $invest Ethereum matic bsc $munch! $kuma probably the only memefi play. former dev is just current $starl dev. Whole defi ecosystem about to lauch this month. Started reversing. Will probably be integrated into $starl. check their twitter. Take a look ser: Offshift $XFT -Offshift is the world`s first private derivatives platform on Ethereum & Polkadot -V Strong Tokenomics -Proven, resilient team -V low market cap aiming to solve a V big problem

Under 10m mcap? Has to be $cell imo.... if team succeeds anything else under 10 cant really compare.

$mtgy with 5 amazing dapps with tons of utility and more dapps coming down the pipeline how can you not choose the moontography project!!!! 1. Atomic Swap as a Service 2. Airdropper 3. Farming as a Service 4.Trusted time Stamping 5. Password Manager $MUNCH The ONLY project whose automated smart contract converts to Eth at point of sale and donates 5% of every tx to a charity wallet. PERIOD. Already ~$3 mill donated Partnered with & soon to be with Aims to be the of crypto Well I think you`ll absolutely love mate ;) FA beast. Packed roadmap. Non anon ream that deliveres

$pampy. Has a great dev team, working on multiple NFT Dapps. Loyal community. Low MC at the moment. Its looking to really explode once the nft come to life.. Come check it out It`s $Kaiinu deserves it. Why? 3 Utilities: -Kaiinu wallet explorer - Kaiinu Vision - Kaiinu NFT game (play2earn) Just take a look at it. Just 2 months old and they have achieved soo much. Series of AMA are happening in coming days. This will moon sooooon

$KRZ Enables basically any vendor / business to accept cryptocurrency as payment. Has a unique conversion system to compensate businesses for any arbitrage or volatility. Fully doxxed team, 35 page whitepaper. Enjoy the alpha, fren

$KUS the next Pancakeswap on KCC

$UNCLE Gonna be a passive income machine paying out rewards in $ETH is the Dev. Great community with a shit ton of memes! BUT DONTBUYUNCLE

It`s $Kaiinu deserves it. Why? 3 Utilities: -Kaiinu wallet explorer - Kaiinu Vision - Kaiinu NFT game (play2earn) Just take a look at it. Just 2 months old and they have achieved soo much. Series of AMA are happening in coming days. This will moon sooooon

It is crazy you haven`t bought yet big bags of $NIOX. You like low cap & strong fundamentals, what are you waiting for? iBNB has a very strong and doxxed team, a token with a dynamic tax protocol, hige daily rewards, and is launching a second project that will benefit the iBNB reward pool

Looks like you`re looking for someone like . It`s gamified DeFi wars platform. Active team (with new members to the team last month), under 1M marketcap, working product. Developing all the time, with a brand new roadmap! One of my safest bets.

Moontography $MTGY has one of the best developers in the industry, who rolled out 5 working crosschain DApps in a mere couple months from the token release. The project offers crosschain swaps, staking, airdrops, password management and timestamping as a services across 4 chains.

$CTI 9.5M MC using smart contracts to manage clinical trials for new medicines. Strong road map and hitting milestones. $WAULTX - no words needed

$MTGY moontography $CRWNY 2m market cap, build on Solana and grant from $SRM Foundation

Please look into Vulkania $VLK strong team, awesome product and great tokenomics

$MOAR -1:1 collateral borrows -from $UNN team -cross-chain lending -derivatives and institutional-lending focused -mainnet just launched -< 5m mc -Next AAVE/COMP Book it.

$MTGY - Under 2 M market cap - Doxxed devs - Currently being audited by - 5 Apps live - Available on 4 chains (BSC, ETH, KCC and Matic) - Atomic Swapping as a Service (!) - First paying customers (!) $MTGY awesome project - sitting at ~1m MC, 5 dApps live already, available on 4 chains (BSC, ETH, KCC and Matic) super responsive and motivated (and doxxed) dev. The community is included in projectwise decisions, take a peak!

$SCP - Full S3-compatible distributeddatacenter for enterprise object storage. Plug&Play storage instances called XaMiner, huge advantage for expanding the network & an easy passive income generator. growing network! A GEM to watch out for! $niox automated market maker , smartdex, ai etc. , partnership etc. how this is still under 10m mktcap is beyond me and ofc $utu oracle for better trust in almost all spaces...

$CCX Tix all your boxes and you get privacy by default on protokoll level, banking, encrypted P2P video chat, self destructing messages and more!!

$tiki around 5m mc right now and it automatically sends bnb straight to your wallet i love it already made some money just by holding it now it has small volume but they working currently on staking + you can change if the contract is going to pay you in bnb, btc, busd im all in

$PLUT 1 / n Next-gen cross-chain defi platform for issuing and trading synthetics/derivatives of crypto and traditional assets. High scalability due to being built on BSC, Solana and Polkadot with discussions in works for Matic integration.

Can you re-do $JUP? Its been a while since you talked about it and i think its doing great and the price is very low making it a good entry.

$KKO - $800k market cap - solid product - huge liquidity. Thread

$jup is: - MC 10.3M - Veteran no-anon dev team - metis app running on IOS and Android on Q3 - QA Forum with constant feedback - Real case scenario use: Solves privacy issues, messenger app, development platform, among other - Active Mkt campaign -astronauts community I know you`ve already noticed $MEGA but I just wanted to send this again because it really is one of the more under valued projects on the market. - Here`s the game link. Click "open" on either Tron or Eth and check out the game! I have to agree with all the other $Cell biggest moonbag


all good bro!

$tease nft marketplace for adult entertainment Looks like a what not to buy list imo

$Munch $MunchThe leading charity project $Munch donated $2.7 Million dollars in just a month for charity. $Munch is available on Pancakeswap and Uniswap. Purchase link MUNCH Telegram: MUNCH WEBSITE:

$nutsg nutsgaming - first of its kind - poker related launched 2 days ago 8M mc over 7500 holders the best team very active great community listed on CoinGecko.. CoinMarketCap next soon

seems interesting. This is an insurance marketplace for crypto. Team is swiss and taunting partnership with big players incubator ( credit suisse etc.) They released main net yesterday and have reached bottom. Quite active on medium too . Nfa but looks good

$moar - just had a main net, $3m cap. lending 1:1 (or more) / cross-chain $bond - will launch in the coming month or two, $4m cap - been in production for a year, rebrand soon as well $unn - - solid insurance play - launched, gathering TVL. $9M cap.

There is only one right answer. It`s $opct. Strong team that just delivers (v2.0 two weeks ago and mobile app in 1-2 months). The community is also awesome and very dedicated. Around $10m mcap munch, great project, fully doxxed team. 7m mc. trustless donations ( straight to charities, no bull) very active team, amazing community!

Cross chain aggregator for token swaps Also can take 10x leverage trades no KYC Platform is in beta Token holders share in 50% of the tradging fees generated airdropped to their BSC wallets.

$LABS, just at the border of 10m.

I hope you are all ready for $UNCLE ! * 400 Holders * 1m mktcp * 1m total supply * staking rewards paid in $ETH * lotteries * Based community and supporters * Huge upside $Kirby has 10% redist from reflections paid in ETH, holding $Kirby, no matter the Token goes up or down. Dev paid hundreds of $ in ETH after meme comps, and finally, few dozen of NFT been given to those holding $Kirby Kirby is 12 DAYS old Kirby Kirbyday Kirbyarmy $PUBE is solid. Doxxed lead dev. Kept building during correction. 36k+ holders, 7k+ TG members $DMAN will outplay them all so underwalued...

- Registered company in Singapore ,

$BABYBAKE , get automated $BAKE rewards by just holding $BABYBAKE , microcap project, active team, cool web page, Take a look at $PUBE. Doxxed lead dev and the team kept building during market downtimes. Solid projects keep building Pube-swap is live Pube NFTs in the works Pube DAO in the works 36k+ diamond holders through BTC dump $Starl was under 10m MC past 10 days ago and now has made 10x since and awsome potential ahead. $Starl future MC billions worth. Also $UFO release whitepaper during this week and if you do focus $UFO medium articles you might discover atombomb that has not explode yet!

$ppay the one stop shop for defi, launchpad, fiat on and off ramps low transaction costs and the ability to use stable coins for gas

SpiderDao $SPDR SpiderDAO greatly enhances the DAO concept by introducing a dual-governance model which bundles together hardware and software tools with on-chain elements, providing a whale-resistant governance solution. 2 mil marketcap Hardworking team Great community

Blockhain Autentication providing a bot free world for fair IDO launch. This is to the benefit of us all. Super product with a super team behind it & a brilliant TG community You can chek $Cell , i believe it very promising, you can do some research around it

bro you should check out $CC

$BBANK a AI technology and Banking

Someone create thread $aave competition sitting at 5 mill mc with max supply of 10 mill and circulating supply of 3.6 mill

$bbank is a combination of metamask, celcius, google ai and a bank. The team is incredible and have been building since 2017 $BOND ( soon rebrand) products and roadmap are insane, afdvantage fundamentally better than any lending protocol out there long term because they`ve got lots of pullbacks but developement and team are on fire right now

$VAI This is the one ! Huge potential, world class partnerships, active community and strong fundamentals. Seriously Sausy!

$isla nft microcap under 500k. Keep working during bearmarket. Nft, gaming, music app.

Recently I have been following the project and their token $HID. They create a technical solution to protect personal data using "blockchain identification". With the boom whitelist and IDO, this is the right technology

$STBU - STO Platform and Exchange (in beta) They are already working with clients and the tokenomics right now are insanely juicy.

So let`s go $UNIQ - NFT project that allow you to generate your own merch as an NFT but you can burn that to get that in real world - hard working team, below 3m mcap $YFDAI - DeFi - safe swap dex, launchpad, safe trade bot, landing & borrowing soon (sub 3m mcap)

Love the conviction

This is the thread I did on $FONT, a very unique application of NFTs taking on the trad market that is monopolised by large players. MC is $2.4 million. just a lil over 10m MC. nd his team has partnerd with over 30 crypto projects (including nd who are aiming to use the best nd sustainable reward system to incentivise users by pegging rewards to network demand. Almost 30% of CS stakd

$DEC but you already know it. I would love to read your browser review

$ARCx An innovative and decentralized approach to implement a credit score using on-chain identity from user`s wallets. Market Cap: ~$8M Backed: Alameda, Hashed, Dragonfly

$ Cellframe, Quantum computing resistant layer 1 network focused on securing safe and scalable cross chain transfers Currently $7M Mcap All VC tokens unlocked Cell chain auctions coming soon (similar to KSM+DOT) Main net due in Q4 CELLFRAME

$Dotx only 500k MC good team (few of them are in revomon), partner with revomon, updated roadmap,final product with nice game play to earn,nft is coming soon. But the community is still small to me it is an hidden gem that will moon rocket!!!

$BMATIC just by holding you can generate $MATIC and the team has spoke with Polygon and a collaboration is looking to be announced this week Check out $omi they have an nft app called veve, marvel, DC and over 100 more licensing deals to come, just got listed on OKEx today and once they swap from go chain to etherum (immutable x) more exchanges to come, $wex with Liquity $LQTY 35 million market cap, platform itself has 2 billion TVL. Price took a beating during these last few months. Token metrics pick for 100x back when the price was in the $20.

$MPH $15M MC. from all my bags I think least undervalued. and $BBANK sub $10M MC.

$ELX - creating their own oil/gas blockchain going like Q1 NOT to be missed. also holds a patent on it ;) I can show you if you want Their CEO just presented at the Monaco Summit. Hmu if you wanna learn more! $SURGE from $XCUR app is now live, NFT marketplace, shop online and pay in XCUR, roadmap is nuts (developing their own stable coin and `X-chain`, constantly working on it. Under 7m mcap and something like a 12/13x to ATH.

Easy one $cell parachain with quantum resistant. Main net in December. 10mc

is my bet. Digital identity space is hot. $HID is low cap, strong FA, award winning team and strong partnerships

$munch is a 5mill charity coin. Yes most of the charity coins are scam but munch is one of its kind. Just did a $100k donation to charity water. Tokenomics 6% redistrubution 6% charity.

AiRight nft marketplace and minting, same team as Oraichain. Under a 2 million market cap last time I checked!

$nord is good for a 5x look at mc and partnerships

$METEOR its a sports betting platform that`s just getting started. they apparently have some major catalysts for growth coming too including coverage by several news outlets (forbes, yahoo ect) and a mass marketing campaign could be good for a mid hold.

if u know u know. Certik audited before launched. This replies will be deleted soon

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