[Setup Xs 14

July 27, 2021, 2:43 am
[Setup Xs 14
[Setup Xs 14.3] LockScreen: Axon by Velvet by & Widget by Lower by HomeScreen: Icons RT_Theme by AE by XenHTML by Widget by &

thx bro I tried Lower tweak too but on my iPhX iOS 14.3 u0 jb it didnt work. What version did you use?

@0j0k3r And Axon

bro can I please ask you how did you get the notifications width like on your LS?

Wall please

thanks alot my friend ;)

May I ask you the name of the LS Widget please?

Thanks for sharing dude

Keyboard: Laetus by Theme DreamLand by editing by ME SwipeExtenderX by System: Lynx by DescentUI by A_Font by Kaleidoscope by jailbreak Taurine Thanks to all

CC: BigSurCenter by Icons LyreCC by Settings: Shuffle by NoSettingsIcons by SkinnySettings by StatusBar: NiceBar by Icons DescentStatusBar by
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