Serving cosmic justice with stellar style

June 11, 2021, 3:21 am
Serving cosmic justice with stellar style
Serving cosmic justice with stellar style. Grab the Celeste Outfit inspired by now!

Why does she look like sienna Mae

Put a longer cool down or limited shots on them ships man they`re so annoying getting spammed

Fortnite can you please tell me when Naruto is coming to fortnite

Bro space ships need to be nerfed now


Im doing 4 Fortnite battlepass giveaways through my discord server! 4 winners will be chosen on the 15th and then on the 16th Im doing a random v-bucks amount giveaway! To enter click the discord link in my bio or here! Best of luck everyone! Congrats shark!!!

Restore Team Rumble

I want to play Fortnite on my calculator. When is that being added?

like this tweet if u think the game is dead release terminator and sarah connor set again

Hey fortnite can you but the best pitcher in MLB rn Jacob degoat as an Icon skin since all these soccer players got one

What is this


Fix the game I can`t play fortnite because it`s stuck on the loading screen.


I hate the UFOs so much!!!!! Everything is good about this season except for the UFOs! They are so annoying!

I love this skin

Epic pls bring back Travis Scott

makes a Samsung assistant skin please...

Such a great set imo

Please, fix team rumble, it was fine the way it was, the changes ruined the hole game mode, RevertTeamRumble Nice! Change Team Rumble back again

I think the preview picture looks a bit better than the skin if I`m being honest

code shake ad

its ok

Fortnite I have a question about the game is going to follow the XP SuperCharged because people like me who do not buy levels and we are worried that they will remove it.

OMG! use code "Rell" ad

Alright.. here me out. Dragon ball skins. Instead of picking up guns for these characters, they get different key blasts that act like regular guns. It would be pretty fun using key blasts. The emote can change into different transformations. I just wanted to put that out there

Amazing Skin

Dumbasses dance on my corpse because they FINALLY killed me, even though I took out the rest of your squad with a car and you couldn`t shoot me for 2 minutes literally just driving circles around you. Trash skin

Not Bad! She looks pretty.


When will we get more locker loadouts?

freefortnite freefortnite ! freefortnite freefortnite freefortnite freefortnite ! Pls we need mobile back !?

This skin is

Make this 800 bro. It`s not worth 1,200

dead game + ratio + bring back old map + remove ufos

no jonesy?

Day 3 of asking epic to revert team rumble back to normal.

to bad you cant play atm. packet loss is very bad. :(

Ewww thats gross

Can you fix her picture, please? I see most of the ppl that complain about the ufo are builders.. lol it creates a balance to the force. Its not an op vehicle. Its rather weak and easy to take down, even player driven. The ppl getting mad they cant spam walls fast enough to battle need to try another way. Lol

yall bring back every icon emote but my world

Fixed server

Can we get a work around for the UFOs? Being in a fight in the ground to just constantly get spammed by them is so triggering. This season is really cool but man its almost like the MECHS all over again.

the skin is alright, i personally wont buy it but kudos to whoever likes it Fortnite 30 Free Vbucks Available at Save the World !! 34 ( 30 vbucks) Use Code: Bolivar4 ad Stw
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