serious question; is there a dumb phone that works

December 8, 2021, 5:44 am
serious question; is there a dumb phone that works
serious question; is there a dumb phone that works w current mobile providers that has a qwerty keyboard? ie - would an old blackberry work today? is there something equivalent?

Give the Self Control App a shot for Mac. Completely kills ability to use websites that you select for certain period of time.

T9 is pretty great, if youve ever used it

Software isn`t going to help as you can override it. I broke my habit with the Small enough to be useable but not big enough to consume anything for any length of time. Now I just change my Pixel 6 to greyscale and it`s so unappealing I don`t consume when I am busy.

Maybe try having a custom phone made to your specifications? Ive always enjoyed your customize everything approach in your videos. How cool would it be to review your own unique phone?

Turn iPhone off, wear Apple Watch with cellular, use wireless headphones for calls and texts.

go full Succession and have an assistant follow you around with a phone to send/receive messages as needed

Flip Phone burners Chief. Its not easy.

Try reading a Paperback book Casey

A lot of your main options will only last for next 1-3 months unfortunately with 3G no longer being supported very soon. You can still find plenty of flip phones but many of them I would make sure at least support LTE because youll need to change anyways.

Screen time, deleting apps, all these are reversible. But this has been a game changer for me. Its changes the reward path by introducing a hurdle every single time. It is not as absolute as deleting or screentime, so you tend to stick with it.

Get iphone 4s or iphone 5 with ios 6 the best. Because you cannot install any apps on them.

You can distract yourself by making vlogs again, Casey!

There`s a startup idea here. A bare phone. call it the "bone." Name may be problematic if Apple made it though...

there really arent any QWERTY devices left on the market (apart from the phones carrying blackberry branding that are p poor), but you could try something like the new-ish Nokia 8110 which has some smart functions (I own one), or the Light Phone 2 and screw all distractions

mine is so much worse

Bring back the Nokia 3310!

You can restrict social media apps to work for specific amount of time. After which you can`t open them.

Social media is really addictive. Setting boundaries is really hard due to escapism that is offered. The only way to limit is to engage more with stuff that you genuinely enjoy and work on stuff that gives you fulfilment. You are a legend no doubt and inspire all of us.

Me looking at my 14 hr average One of the things that really inspired me when you were in the peak of vlogging, was you only let yourself watch Game of Thrones on the treadmill. You were like, cant wait to watch the next episode, need to go to the gym. Maybe set new rules?

Create one... many want something like this

Look up kosher phone. Problem Solved

You need good old 3310. Only distraction is that worm game... this may help. more of a humor video vs a helping video imo but it works

Casey this is a serious matter, Orange Juice or Apple Juice?

there is the BoringPhone but it can`t do emails

Prepaid phones are not going to hold some smartphones suddenly because carriers will only be supporting certain types of phones. Somehow, there`s going to be some class of dumb phone that will/is supported. And I imagine that some of them will have a small keyboard.

Sounds like professional help is needed if you haven no physical control of it anymore.

aye Casey u better let us know which one u switch to ive always wanted to do the same! admirable

I personally have set myself time limits for social media. When the time limit ends, I can`t use the app for the rest of the day. Pretty useful for keeping track of time!

So really you can find anything that can use LTE and it`ll work fine. When I was at target people were still using phones from when LTE came out cause as long as it uses it then it works. Depends on carrier of course but to my knowledge it should work fine.


Also said the same thing I need to use my light phone Play warzone instead m8 it`s good for u and ur marriage

check out the light phone Blackberry OS and BlackBerry 10 devices will no longer reliably work after Jan 4, 2022. Ive got two friends that switched their iPhones to black & white for the sole purpose of limiting their social media/online shopping and both saw a crazy drop in usage.

I`d suggest looking at this Why not just text & email off Mac?

Might be more of a gag type phone but looks to make your phone more boring

My daily average is 8h. I have a social media job but 8 hours is

what you`re looking for is apps, limiting usage, self-control. None of that works, its just too easy to turn it back on. my ego demands it and my monkey brain succumbs. I need something more prohibitive

Control the mind, changing the smartphone helps but not for long term

Keep your smart phone and uninstall the social media apps. Or, at the very least, remove their permissions and disable notifications.

Sadly, Blackberry servers just closed down, so they can no longer perform anything beyond phone calls and texts. As for other devices, it`s difficult to go outside of smartphone because the carriers have begun restricting any device that doesn`t have VoLTE built in

Getting an Apple Watch + cellular helps me stay off my phone and leave it home when I want 2

At least we have something in common

Sounds like the jitterbug to me lol

You can just set up parental controls to lock down the apps that are available to your device. Just have Candice set the passcode so you dont know the code to get things back.

Same lol I would like to know the answer to this but for kids/teenagers I never want my kid on social media

delete. the. apps. Take it as serious as you do running, surfing, etc.

Being a caveman doesn`t mean you`re dumb casey! They discovered fire!

I want such a phone too.

The galaxy s8plus had the accessory to attach it. It was greattttttttt

You could delete social media off your phone?

Tons of the older phones still work with mobile providers, if not other independent providers like ting and whatnot. I refurbish a ton of those older cell phones without internet so if you need a specific one I can check my stock and hook you up!

- Unihertz Titan is probably the one that suits you the most.

I have a present for you. Its yours. All you gotta do is finally find time for us to hang. :) Make iOS parental controls (I think it`s called Screen Time now) and set Candice as the parent :)

this is 100% making me dumber. and my weak, feeble, cave-man brain is no match for social media algorithms I propose we just bring back the Sidekick. Blackberry bold , classic they all work today. If you want a phone just for calling and texting.

I am still using Blackberry. Key2

Hey Casey - have you tried using the screentime app limits on your iphone? Works well imo!

Time to bring back the sidekick

Most cell networks are planning on dropping support for 3g in 2022. and they will be requiring volte compatible phones (voice over lte) meaning most older phones will be useless

Saw this article. Are these phones too smart? Blackberry are smartphones

Blackberry Key2. Delete apps or get two phones.

How much are 2wanting to save in the Cayman Islands and do I have immunity?

Wear cellular AppleWatch exclusively.

Just try to use your phone less? Self discipline, you taught me best.

I like that youre on socials and I can interact and comment on your life, closest thing to sitting down and having a conversation with you; but I respect the will for limitation

The problems of my life in one sentence, wish I had the will power to fix it

I was looking at old nokias and sony ericssons the other day You should be able to get some working nokias

Delete the apps off phone. You start to forget about them.

Don`t they make like fold out Bluetooth keyboards that are really small?

Id love to limit my social media consumption to when Im in front of a computer but not kill my ability to text & email efficiently

Blackberry is still a thing and still make new phones

what do i have to do for a followback from my soon to be favorite videography teacher

You know flip phones are still available and phones that look like blackberries I`m sure that`ll be useful for you

a blackberry with imessage would be elite

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