Select/Copy from photo is next level insanity #WWDC21 #iOS15

June 11, 2021, 7:03 pm
Select/Copy from photo is next level insanity #WWDC21 #iOS15
Select/Copy from photo is next level insanity WWDC21 iOS15

Hi bowei, can I ask how to have that raindrops bouncing animation effects in apple weather app ? Mine dont have that effect did I missed out. ?

Wait. You got this just now?

remember yesterday Boski was shouting that`s apple for you before we told him Android had it since

Lol... I use a device, and I have this feature in my native camera app. Google Len`s has had this feature for like ages... Check it out. Apple was just late to the party. So it`s not ground breaking okay. Man, coming from an AndroidOS fanboy, I really like what Apple has done here. Give Stevie a pat on the back in the after life.

It`s no longer funny. Can`t ios bring something "new"

You called it "next level insanity" Lmao! That`s the joke

blockheads Google has been doing this!!! FOH!!

VisionKit added camera OCR to iOS 2 years ago, and that`s not the same as Live Text. It`s not processing camera input, it`s processing captured bitmap images.

Ignore the Android boys some are of them are always so pressed for no reason.

I even got it to work on Norwegian, although for accented letters I needed to fill them in post. All in all a decent job.

Always late to the party

The lesson to be learned here is market like Apple. You could be years behind everyone else , zero innovation but market the hell out of things

This video is nonsense

Next time post it without saying is the next level of insanity.

This had been on android phones for ages..... Google lens!

Android can translate that in the fly. Like change the text

I just created the machine. Runs on gas. 4 tires. 4 seats. Takes you to anywhere. No one had ever done it. It`s the latest innovation

iOS comes late and makes a fuss about it being a big deal

Latecomer... been on android for some years now.

Android can do this

This feature is old as hell on Android

Literally the greatest way to take notes from a textbook - a lazy high schooler

I own an iPhone. But people should really know what other companies are and have accomplished to understand the tech realm before labeling anything Apple does as "next level". The Note can hover over text on a page and translate it without a translate app. That`s next level.

When I was in class this feature will be powerful for scan blackboard or keynote.

Thanks for all the comments proving the points also showing that some ppl just cant let others have nice thing and have to look down on others to make them feel good I was just simply sharing the joy as iOS user having a cool feature and android user comments went like

Meanwhile Android Users Congratulations iOS, welcome to 20... way back whenever Android has it but you called it a gimmick. It`s not an Apple presentation without them stealing from the Android community What is this Google Lens knock-off?

Been doing this for a while. Helped me read signs in Russia.

This is going to be so nice for college students!!! Just take a picture, copy and paste.

Noob. Its available on google lens since ages

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