Seems like @RPLANETio hype is cooling down, so what

July 5, 2021, 12:43 am
Seems like @RPLANETio hype is cooling down, so what
Seems like hype is cooling down, so what are some new projects, games, collections everyone is getting excited about? Ill give away some NFTs to some of the commenters. Thanks! P.S. Suits drop 2200 EDT.

Green Rabbit, Colonize Mars, uplift, dark country, nova rally

GreenRabbitGame and The Uplift World! tt5ay.wam

They are my choices and R-planet is back with everything.

I would like to know too! Wax Wallet: kaluo.wam Telegram: Sho Din Discord: Eff4892 I am so excited

and seem like theyll be good ones

3 days to go before the Mission Two. All my bags are packed, I`m Ready to go.

Nova Rally and Oliveland all the rage.

the best of all is GREEN RABBIT!! LFG!!! xhlc2.wam

and all collections participating in of course

This is a promising project that will definitely be on the top leagues of big names CRYPTO 3jvuw.wam

some are in it for blockchain, others for games!?! I`m in it for my friends I`ve grown to love in the many telegram chats!! inwaxfortelegrampandas

I`m hyped on rplanet more than ever lol

definetly will be a awesome project on wax... sgfba.wam

all the way!

aether faucet is a great project. they pool together assets into rplanet and have a weekly lottery for members good chance to win some wax

yes bro thanks you so much!! 3lhbi.wam

Im hype by : / / nfdum.wam Thanks a lot bro

Im excited about !

Colonize mars Novarally YoshiDrops Uplift ..And of course the Thousand Voices community is a great place to hang out! Looking forward to the release. Coming real soon. Skvba.wam

Seems like it! And I feel like its the right time for pizza going to the moon!

more Suits eh ! ? NFT staking is pretty nice Were partial to the Duck Butts. Also like what theyre doing at The hype might be cooling down but the whales are not selling any aether...

I`m most interested in NovaRally, WaxArena and the blending game Survivalgame .io. So many new projects, love the growth!

Nova rally, green rabbit and waxarena!


Has to be Colonize Mars and Train of the Century!


pmzba.wam Looking forward for Wax Arena on how they will incorporate different collections into single characters

DarkCountry and Dr Who seems as new hype soon (at least I hope). b4nrc.wam, thanks

I`m pretty excited about colonize mars. Has a good looking roadmap

Novarally, Greenrabit, wax arena, uplift world

I think will do much better. Also and new earn wax games. is best underrated collection i think.

I am going to start stacking NFTS for waxarena

the future war games are going to be The clans are now forming, its gonna be some ride!

for sure

Got into Axie!

check out cryptobeast before the eggs start hatching:D

Huge loss if rplanet died , I will be rekt

Wax games only? NovaRally, Wax Arena, Green Rabbit have decent, to a lot of hype. I`m also really excited about the land-based portion of Dark Country.

I want rplanet back to the race

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