Say your unpopular opinion or hot take about tech

October 14, 2021, 12:55 pm
Say your unpopular opinion or hot take about tech
Say your unpopular opinion or hot take about tech in the replies below

I hate the apple trackpad somewhat and think its really overhyped

Note series is best phone series ever period.

1. One UI>>>everything (not in smoothness but in design and features) 2. Pixel 6 is overhyped 3. S21U still has the best camera system on a phone 4. Good Lock and DeX and all Samsung apps are underrated 5. iPhone 120hz is worse than 120hz on androids at this moment

Oppo needs to make more better phones The only good phone with colorOS this year is find X3 pro The rest (including budget) is trasg

Wireless charging doesnt actually have any advantages that usb-c doesnt offer

Copying is good for many good options

Plastic backs save you money, and with a case, it doesnt really matter

Foldables are overrated, iPhones are overpriced, plastic backs are dumb.

Phones these days are getting boring

Even tho the meme is that isheep don`t know anything about tech because all they know is apple Because when apple does something it becomes the standard I`m glad that they are doing some of these things even if it`s late or "copying Android"

If apple just adopts rcs services so that way when iPhone users send videos and pictures to an Android user it doesn`t go through phone lines and get crushed to -1000p quality people can enjoy having each phone a little more

Apple products get way too much credit than they deserve when companies like Samsung are out there making literal folding screens that are water resistant but also looks stunning.

Boxy design > cruve design

Proprietary software makes me feel exposed (yes, that includes Twitter, right now) I do not like to think I`m running proprietary stuff, but truth is that I have the Intel ME watching. Any headphone jack-less phone is borderline unusable for me.

glass phones suck metal or plastic are the best materials for a phone big phones are unnecessary

iPhones are over-rated.

Apple is an overrated rip-off

5w is too fast to be true 2gb is enough for android phones m1 macs performs worse than intel macs android phones need bigger notch iphones need 12 gb ram to work miui is the best one ui worst

Pixel 6 series is too overhyped OneUI is just slacking behind OnePlus is overrated Apple gets too much hate sometimes Android/Apple Fanboys are just sad asf

Sun charging >>>>>> Usb c charging

Gallium nitride USB PD chargers + Graphene batteries= Much faster charging times,compact chargers and less energy loss.

Lack of chargers when buying phones of some brands is resulting in phone companies not introducing gallium nitride chargers on a large scale... In other words, OEMs are getting lazy by not being cutting edge in charging technology.

Android 12 is the only true android version (stock) that is good!

Apple needs to implement in screen finger print sensors, if you`re concerned about privacy so much just disable it. Chargers and the headphone jack should have stayed, the charger in the box is often the best one for the phone.

Sony naming is not really as bad as people said

mkbhd isnt biased one ui > android one ui is just better but i do think they need some polishing here and there. but i can see the potential

all android manufacturers should allow bootloader unlocking and rooting

OnePlus has Finally settled with their new oxygen os 12(which is just color os with some extra features)

If Samsung were to create their own OS like hauwei it has the potential to be even better then apple.

Vanilla android is trash Pixel experience 12 looks terrible... Pixel 6 is overhyped already Samsung needs to make more animations Oneplus is dead, let`s be real Apple as a whole is overhyped

Face ID and face unlock in general is worse than an in-display fingerprint sensor

1. Oppo is underrated & often gets hated by ppl for no reason. 2. Xiaomi makes rlly good phones but MIUI kills the experience. 3. Dell absolutely fucked everything up with their laptop market. 4. Samsung default app services are rlly great! 5. Intel will make a great comeback!

12 GB ram is gimmick.

Lightning is overrated

Side mounted fp scanners >>>>> in-display/rear mounted

ok so, Samsung services are amazing The iphone 13 is not a big upgrade whatsoever the hype with events needs to chill USB C is so much better than lightning(its unfortunate that for some people its not obvious) And tech reviewers are damn near impossible to trust

Bing is actually a good search engine an one can use it comfortably instead of google

Samsung is the one company that people always like to bash and hate on, but when other companies do stuff thats worse or equally bad they get through with it like it never happened. also my unpopular opinion is that samsung services are as good if not better than Google`s

Notches arent really that bad

BUDS LIVE >>>>>>>>>>

Windows 11 is fine. Nothing wrong with it.

Guys at mrwhosetheboss are only positive about ios, they make excuses for apple, like apple didn`t need to change anything in iPhone 13, where as on android the strength is dismissed as specialist tools e.g s21 ultra zoom

Pineapple pizza is the best

Good trackpad>touchscreen

Stainless steel on pro iphones is an extremely unnecessary inclusion.

Touch ID >>>> Face ID

i like thicc bottom bezel, if the bezel too thin, I find it hard to swipe the home bar (with case on)

Hardware isn`t everything!

iphone battr than andbroid

Apple is overhated, people for example hated on Apple for removing the headphone jack but then made excuses for when Samsung did it, I think I`ll phones should have headphone jacks, it`s nto too much to ask for

Companies should stop copying each other and come up with unique products of their own like they used to a few years back. Tech twitter feels stagnant now. Also for god sakes stop cheaping out in ur flagships samsung just like the good old days

oneui2 is better than oneui3

Every phone should have a great haptics

simplicity isn`t always the way to go in terms of software

Inductive charging can die.

Premium smartphones shouldnt use cheap materials like plastic for their build.

I take offense to phones with notches.

Apart from bloatware, non Stock Android UIs are pretty clean these days

3.5mm headphone jack needs to go back on phones.

When brands announce events (Samsung Unpacked, Apple Event) I`m more interested in the event itself than the actual products.

macOS Big Sur has terrible visuals, icons and stuff

Foldable are the future and all smartphone companies should start looking into making foldable tech cheaper *cough cough* Apple *cough cough*

For phones, 12GB RAM and above are not needed, unless their SoC is capable of that!

fones are boring, especially OnePlus and realme

Glass back is overrated

MKBHD maybe isn`t biased, but kinda lame and boring

aluminum on budget phones should and must return

I like the idea of colourful a MacBook Air to match the 24 iMac

iOS notifications are better than Android Flaming hot take

- iOS and Android are both good and have pros and cons - windows is horrible except for having more power to do things your way - MacOS is the best computer software - iPhones bad for having extremely difficult self repair (I.e no Face ID, True Tone) - iOS is too restrictive

oneplus isnt as bad as everyone makes them out to be

Windows Vista wasnt that bad. Actually it was pretty nice if your PC could handle it.

Gaming phones deserve more love (that they`re slowly getting in the Eastern markets which I`m happy about).

Apple users are the pick-me kind of people when it comes to having devices Android fanboys (in general) are more toxic than iSheeps, mostly because they`re plenty of Android alternatives, compared to iOS being under one company iSheeps are as disrespectful as homophobes

OnePlus isnt dead USB-C > Lightning Pixel 6 hype NEEDS to chill M1X hype also NEEDS to chill Stock Android > One UI Windows 11 needs polishing iSheep/Fandroid = CRINGE* Intel has potential for a comeback MKBHD aint that biased * = the name calling

With how innovation and new idea goes, it`s totally fine for flagships to go the iPhone way (minor facelifts one year to another) then actually give one good complete redesign and refreshing feature after several years.

Samsung`s UI is the best implementation of Android.

Rear fingerprint scanner >>> side > in-display

One UI is trash I`m sorry Samsung users Windows 10 is literal garbage that`s been set on fire OnePlus isn`t "dead" nor have the "settled"

i liked Pixel 3 XL`s `bathtub` notch

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