Samsung to start mass production of Galaxy S5, next-gen Galaxy Gear in January, according to report

November 29, 2013, 4:24 pm
Samsung to start mass production of Galaxy S5, next-gen Galaxy Gear in January, according to report

Remember the Broadway fiesta for the Galaxy S4 release? It was the first time a mobile phone received that kind of exposure, yet the truth is the S4 is already fading from prominence. Indeed such is the nature of today`s smartphone market, that Samsung is already prepping the replacement of its much promoted baby!
What is today the talk of the Android town of course, is the Samsung`s other baby, the Galaxy Note III which has somehow stolen the little brother`s show.According to Korea`s ETnews, Samsung is set to start mass production of the Galaxy S5, the next up in the company`s flagship series. The mass production is said to be starting out in January, so in theory Samsung could release the S5 as early as next March or April, as the report notes.
No major surprises are expected though; the specs of the S5 are will probably be quite similar to those of the Galaxy Note III.We expect to see the S5 with a Snapdragon 800 processor augmented by 3GB of RAM, while the display will be at least 5-inch one, if not a bit larger, and of course will have a Full HD resolution.What might come as a surprise though, if rumors prove to be right, is that we might see a metal-bodied S5 instead of a plastic one, like the rest of the previous Galaxy flagships have always been.
While a metal-bodied S5 could give Samsung a more robust product and for sure a lot more prestige as well as a more easily comparable with Apple`s offering device, the Korean manufacturer will have to account in the added cost of such a thing, plus the customer-base of the previous Galaxy flagships seem quite happy purchasing plastic Samsung smartphones just fine...
Besides the new S5, Samsung is said to be also working on releasing the next-generation Galaxy Gear smartwatch, alongside the new flagship smartphone, hopefully one that is much improved compared to the current Gear which 
proved to be a flop...
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