Samsung takes better pictures than that phone which makes

February 10, 2022, 6:43 pm
Samsung takes better pictures than that phone which makes
Samsung takes better pictures than that phone which makes your skin look orange.

U said????? Maybe na iPhone 6 u Dey use Ive both Samsung and iPhone but iPhone>>>> Android users gather here let`s show some love

lmao androids will never end this war

You legit tweeted this with an iphone

From someone tweeting with iPhone Wetin b color of ur problem

I hundred percent agree And I`ll pick samsung over it anytime any day. Samsung even has a better take and innovation The other sells more cos of the price... Pride and trendy attention it gives. Most of its users don`t even know this. They just want to be cool with attention

Atleast somone that agrees

Like fr Samsung takes better pictures

Samsung takes better pictures than that phone which makes your skin look orange.

It`s samsung, iphone and others

No be iphone u dey follow talk

screenshot this

Werey wey dey talk dey use iPhone ooo

They`ll soon come and do ratio noww

Na that`s why your picture look 1880s

Taar no be so na u go use 6

Its not the phone, its Snapchat

lol, iPhone doesnt make ur skin look orangeonly if you edit it

but nah twitter for iphone be dat bro

You don white bro! No be that same phone you take post this thing?

Talk from Twitter for iPhone

Get in here and do what?

if samsung go fit make i teleport saf, still Iphone i go use

Why you come dey use iPhone tweet?

But you`re tweeting with an iphone

Android user don drop quote

sir , were grown its 2022 . why we still arguing about phone quality go get a job xx

Hahaha I`m telling you. People be looking orange and red, thinking dey look super dope in their pictures. But you use that phone? bruhhhhhhhhh

Abeg no call the phone name

whu go buy me the now

Oya Samsung users gather here let`s follow each other...

Hehe.. I still love my itel You are yabbing the same phone you are using

Tweet coming from someone using iPhone

You never see wicked Samsung phone You go dey argue with the camera say no be me be this

I heard the next one that they want to launch will not have front cam.

Twitter for iPhone done drop quote This life balance

Una dey underestimate hawaii ?

Says a Boy whos profile picture is Choked with orange! So which one you dey use?

They are coming to fight you

But you post this with iPhone? Tell us the full story

Samsung is such a phone bro. I minimized all my icons one night and I woke up to a dead battery that took 7mm /30 to turn on. Now do the math.

Just because of this tweet No wonder your papa still dey fight skin cancer

Make una dey back these things up with fats and figos

Y u dey shake tables na

The best android phone isnt even Samsung rest

yes oh..teamsamsung

Yea bro, I use a Samsung galaxy S21+ and I can say for such it does

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