Samsung shows bendable UHDTV at CES 2014!

January 7, 2014, 5:31 pm
Samsung shows bendable UHDTV at CES 2014!

There is something about Korean manufacturers and curves, as it seems, since after the recent appearance of the first curved smartphones, Samsung has now showed a bendable TV-set at CES 2014!
Samsung€™s new wonder of a flat panel, is an UHDTV which will actually bend at the mere press of a button! But the new UHDTV is not bent per se, so if you`d rather have a flat screen, Samsung`s TV-set can be flat too!
The impressive looking wonder-TV has no price tag at the moment, and we expect it to be priced over the roof actually, but it has turned a lot of heads at the CES 2014 for sure.
Samsung certainly believes the future is bendable on most things with a screen, but actually having a TV-set that can bend itself at the flick of a button at this point is, well, rather futuristic, at the very least!
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