Samsung Galaxy S11 (S20) Series on February 11 2020

December 29, 2019, 4:27 pm

   Samsung Galaxy S11 series is rumoured to launch on Feb. 11 -- instead of Feb. 18, a date thatwas reported earlier.The South Korean company is claimed to be planning to host the Galaxy S-series launch event that it usually calls Unpacked in San Francisco, California.Alongside the Galaxy S11 phones, Samsung( is told to unveil the Galaxy Fold successor aka Galaxy Fold 2 at the launch event.The new Galaxy Fold would include some major design changes to reduce fragility despite offering a foldable design.


Samsung Galaxy S11 launch date (expected)

   Just like the Galaxy S10 series,
SamsungTechnology company
would launch the Galaxy S11 models before the official opening of
Mobile World CongressIt`s known as MWC
(MWC) 2020.Israeli site Girafa reports that the launch date is set as Feb. 11.This is unlike the Feb. 18 that was reported by the tipster who uses pseudonym Ice Universe on social media.
Samsung Galaxy S11 (S20) Series on February 11 2020
   By choosing a date ahead of
MWCMobile World Congress
SamsungTechnology company
would get enough time to promote the Galaxy S11 models before its competitors start bringing their flagships of 2020.The company, be that as it may, is yet to officially announce the launch schedule.
Alternate Title: Samsung Galaxy S11 on Feb 11 2020

   The Galaxy S11 series is so far rumoured to have the standard Galaxy S11 as well as the Galaxy S11+ and Galaxy S11e.Some early renders showed that all three phones would have a similar design language -- sporting punch-hole display panels and a rectangular-shaped camera module.
   In addition to the Galaxy S11 models, the Israli source claims that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Fold 2 on Feb. 11.Some recent reports included that the new foldable smartphone in the Galaxy family would include an ultra-thin glass layer over the existing plastic covering to reduce the crease effect on the flexible display.The company initially was also rumoured to opt for a clamshell design similar to the Motorola Razr (2019)over the vertical-folding knowledge that we saw on the original Galaxy Fold.

   It is also speculated that Samsung would bring its Galaxy Buds successor as the Galaxy Buds Plus at the Unpacked event.The new earbuds are claimed to include a larger battery power pack over what was provided on the original Galaxy Buds and have active noise cancellation support.
   Since Gadgets 360 wasn`t able to independently verify the rumoured details, it is safe to take the fresh revelations with a pinch of salt.Moreover, fresh rumours related to the Galaxy S11 and Galaxy Fold 2 are likely to emerge in the near future.
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