S20 v S21 any , sensible , thoughts on

February 7, 2021, 7:22 pm
S20 v S21 any , sensible , thoughts on
S20 v S21 any , sensible , thoughts on which is better ? Apple fanboys can fcuk off

Cant believe you just went there about Porsche and Youll pay for that mister Nowt really wrong with an iPhone. Ive got a 7 plus and it doesnt give me any hassles. Easy to use as well for a technobiff like me

They are the very best car. Once you drive one it all makes sense.

Samsung is Korean for Apple

Always have samsung Just got the s20+ and the only thing missing for me is an earphone jack, but there are ways round that

Its ubiquitous for a reason.

I like Apple stuff, it just works. The fact the hardware is made for the software unlike pcs and windows or android and generic phones helps.

Get an iPhone.......

Still got my Samsung S8. Does what i want it to do! I dont do the chasing technolgy thing. If it was the case. I`d be changing my phone more times than my underwear!

Thats normally 3 cars for me

Get S20. For non-techiefreak S21 doesn`t offer sensible amount of extra bangs/buck compared to S20.

I`ve just got the s21 ultra

Definitely if you can get a good deal...

Not much difference between the 2, slightly better cameras, processor etc but not much of an upgrade!

S21 as it`s the newest. But personally I`d same your money and get a Xiaomi Mi10 or the to be announced tomorrow( I think) Mi11, cheaper and just as good.

Apple 6 is good value for......er.....

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