Rumors are floating around Microsoft is looking to make

January 30, 2021, 2:32 am
Rumors are floating around Microsoft is looking to make
Rumors are floating around Microsoft is looking to make another "Bethesda level acquisition" in the near future No idea if there is any truth to it but wouldn`t surprise me. Microsoft is aggressive in making Game Pass the future of it`s gaming strategy

The future (8 years) I think is more about who is in the position for being the Netflix of videogames as soon as we turn into cloud gaming. Buying studios and IP`s is a clear move into that direction and Gamepass is just another clue.

"Its", not "it`s". Thats a contraction. You wouldn`t say "the future of it is gaming strategy"

This is what I like a fair friendly console war. Its pretty equal and its all up to opinion. Everyone can agree last gen ps won however Microsoft could win this one for me

I would not like them to acquire publishers like Take Two, EA, Activision-Blizzard or some Japanese. I think it would be better to go for independent studios with potential: Techland, Asobo, Remedy, Bungie, IOI, Turtle Rock, People Can Fly, etc.

Isn`t Ubisoft way too big too?

Neither Ubisoft nor WB Games will move the needle though. If it`s going to be a western publisher, it should be Take Two, even if they cost truckloads of money. Sega would make sense, but I don`t think MS can buy them and then fire all the people that are not in game development.

Maybe theyll buy Team Cherry so we can get a GOD DAMN UPDATE ON SILKSONG

EA EA EA, makes the most sense, they have a closer tie with Microsoft like Bethesda. All the negatives from the recent years just makes them an easier target to acquire. Plus the StarWars franchise moving to Ubisoft is just another big hint of that!

I think FromSoft would be a rational acquisition. Kadokawa isn`t really geared for publishing games, so whenever they sell a game they lose 30% to the platform, then the publisher (Sony/Activision/Bandai), then they split what remains. That`s A LOT of revenue they don`t see.

Who could they buy? They can afford anyone in the gaming industry, but who else is for sale?

I still want Microsoft to make some kind of deal with EA to acquire Bioware. It will never happen, but it would be nice if it did. I REALLY want Anthem fixed with out it being GAAS or having microtransactions.

I can totally see them buying Capcom , having resident evil, monster hunter, street fighter and DMC under Xbox would be nuts.

Can they just put out a damn game?

I was definitely thinking of Capcom too...

Youre kidding yourself if you think they buy EA, take two or Activision

Keep spending on companies but dont spend nothing on new games.

Great more free games on gamepass!!

Sega did just split its video game division from the rest of the company. Could be them. It would help Xbox sell better globally

It would have to be another publisher to be Besthesda size, there arent that many big independent developers left. Developers I can think of: Remedy Platinum Games Larian Moon Studios Play dead Supergiant Asobo

Crystal Dynamics and the Tomb Raider IP would perhaps be more realistic than the entirety of Sega, Konami or CDs parent Square Enix. Sega seems likelier than Capcom or Konami given that the Sega-Microsoft relationship goes back to the Dreamcast and 1st Xbox...

For those of you saying that this is ruining the industry, keep in mind that if someone is buying generally that means someone is selling. The question is why? Is the price being offer just to enticing or is the current model of selling games just not viable for most studios?

What about Embracer? Could that not be a target..

Just give us Condemned 3 already!

Im live on Twitch - Watch me at Are they buying GameStop? Lol

I could see ubisoft, not Take Two though, Im guessing they would want to stay multiplat with GTA

The origin of this rumor is fairly baseless if you look into it. But if youre going to play a long my guess would it would be someone thats looking to be bought or needs funds. So far thats what all the acquisitions lately have been. Anyone want to put a list together?

Might be ubisoft, thats what I see or sega

They are playing the game... Sometimes these moves are more defensive than offensive. They just might not want the competition to end up with a publisher and/or developers.

Given the rumors of tencent looking into making hostile takeovers...I`d be shocked if Microsoft didn`t.

Rumors : about acquisitions, they were never right. Rather see Sony doing a big move.

I`m more afraid of Sony`s silence than Xbox rumors.The winner of the war is the one whose drums you do not hear

The best investment would be Ubisoft if Microsoft can pull it off.

The only Zenimax-level acquisitions that I think are worthwhile for Microsoft are Sega or Bandai Namco to fill that lack of japanese exclusive lineup. There are big companies like Take Two, Rockstar, Warner Bros, EA, etc, but I dont like their games so Id be indifferent to them

They need to be big in Japan.

Wasnt it already rumored that Ubisofts subscription service for games was going to be merged to GamePass?

Shit, could you imagine if they bought Ubisoft.

What about thq Nordic

I`m hoping for WB Games as long as they get the IP with the studios. Having access to the Shadow of Mordor/War, MK, and DC universe would be huge, plus all the talent from Rocksteady and all the other studios

I`m thinking it will be more on the PC side of things. Like valve

I bet on THQ. Not big studios, but some good AAA studios and tons of AA studio for fuel gamepass. For AAA games xbox has: playground,NT, coalition, turn10,obsidian, id software, machine games, Bethesda soft. Etc etc

Ubisoft is bigger than Bethesda

Youd think they`d get more users onboard before making these big splashes. Daddy MS can only keep dropping $$ for so long. No matter how rich stakeholders wanna see their money bringing in money. No other game co could do this without showing some serious growth/profit first

With them deep in the PC market I see them becoming a publisher and stop making consoles.

I can feel the jitters in certain corridors.

If it`s Square Enix, although I 99% doubt it considering they are in love with Sony, I will 100% get an XSX over a PS5 in the future without a doubt

We are still waiting for the games. Playstation is presenting games, not acquisitions.

the rumor is that Microsoft will buy something else this year and ruin the franchises

Rather ms than google, amazon or tencent. They should buy as much as they can before its too late.

I dont remember the Huge Gaming Crash that happened but idk about this, seems good on paper from a business standpoint but idk why they cant just make their own studio and start off with some dope homegrown games...

They have confirmed that they are looking for more acquisitions and they have already earned back twice the money they spent on bethesda. Why wouldn`t they buy something of equal size or even larger?

1. Buy Ubisoft. 2. Bring back Splinter Cell. That is all.

I dont like that they buying such big studios. They are ruining the gaming market. So in the Future all Gaming Companys will be Microsoft studios and you can just play youre games if you buy Gamepass?

Im hoping they snatch CD Project Red.

i think warner games will be the next big move, can`t be possible for ubisoft because tencent already have a small percentage of it

Bro if they steal Wb Games or Capcom just before Village and Hofwarts: Legacy im gonna cry

I have suspicion that Square would want to dump their western studios after Avengers flopped. Sooo... Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics?

Sega is Next. Mark my words

Ubisoft seems likely

all seem like realistic possibilities for to acquire if this rumor is true. Maybe even or Why do they keep buying studios with everything they touch turns to trash if I was any game company I will not let Microsoft come in a mile of my IP

I dont think itll happen. Probably wouldnt be legal or other companies just dont want to be bought

I don`t think it`s EA cause oof but anythings possible as they say

What if they buy tencent by polling a tencent lol My guess are Snail games Ubisoft Gearbox

In my opinion if Tencent is indeed going after EA and Take Two then MS is circling as well. It might be alot to drop but this will be a battle of the money titans in the coming years I think. Google and Amazon will be getting the wallet out as well.

My guess is that they might purchase Sega, as Sega wasn`t doing so hot and had to sell their arcade business to their rivals If not then probably Konami. I know Konami said that they were quitting Video games business but maybe who knows they were merely hiding something

I heard Japanese government protect big Japanese companies from being purchased by foreign companies and that it included some game companies. I`m wondering if Capcom and Sega are some of them. I wouldn`t include Ubisoft in that list because they fought hard to be independent.

How about CDPR? They`re in a situation right now, one that a big load of money & more people could help. It`s fun to speculate, i hope we see more games soon.

Being more aggressive that Netflix ever was. Good things coming

Capcom. People will go mad.

very interesting excited to see what theyve got up their sleeve! a wb/ubisoft would fit really well for them.

My gut says theyll want to acquire a prominent Japanese developer/publisher in order to curry more favor in that market, as well as another strong western developer to bolster Game Pass with more exclusive content. Japan: Capcom, Sega, or Konami West: Ubisoft or WB Games I don`t like it. If any of those aforementioned studios become acquired by Microsoft it will be a major shift and not because of games, but landscape. It will force others to start acquiring and most can`t compete. Then it goes from who has more talent to who buys more talent.

Why ?, They just like for the sake of buying which is pointless

if they want more studios they should open a new one or buy a smaller studio and make it grow like inXile, I don`t think they need to buy anymore big studios and I believe they have enough already

gotta wonder how Sony & Nintendo are going to compare to Xbox by the end of the decade cuz of how big Xbox 1st party is now with Bethesda & going to grow & the output theyre going to end up with cuz the other 2 dont have the finances to keep up so its just interesting

Sony Trolls Right Now like sega seems like a really bad idea. does microsoft really want their arcade and toy businesses? I think a partnership would work way better there

ubisoft is the third biggest publisher worldwide , for me ubi is with EA and activison. anyway they fought for their independence with vivendi so i can`t believe it.

Fingers crossed for Ubisoft - love their games, and they would be perfect for Game Pass! Regular additions of big open-world titles from huge franchises would be a pretty sweet get for Xbox :)

What about Embracer Group ? That would fill in the ips and any gaps in gamepass. Would be cheaper than EA or some of the bigger guys as well.

on the other hand, for me if they buy a new BIG studio we will only see it at E3, the announcement for Bethesda was prematured (seen that the purchase will only end during the summer ) to be able to secure Series X orders

Is Ubisoft really closer to SEGA/Capcom than EA/Activision?

It better be capcom or Ubisoft

I think WB Games is probably the most logical next step. Capcom/SEGA feel like theyre WAR far off in their own lane & have bigger things than just games

They can afford anyone with their corporate balance sheet. Wont be surprised in the slightest if we see some antitrust lawsuits this decade against Microsoft and Tencent.

Square Enix or capcom

It`s really just gonna be Tencent vs Microsoft in 5 years

This scares me as a consumer though. Or maybe more from a legal standpoint actually. But I don`t like the idea of Microsoft consuming huge pieces of the industry every few months

How about combining WB Games and Capcom??? Hehehehe.

If there is any truth to this at all it wouldn`t be someone like EA, Take-Two, or Activision. Those are companies far bigger than Bethesda in terms of cost Comparables would be more like Ubisoft, WB Games, Capcom, SEGA, etc

Sega or sqaure would be my guess

WB Games would be a very interesting acquisition if that does happen.

A lot of people are speculating Japanese companies, but Japans antitrust laws are way more robust than Americas and theres no way theyd be able to pull off a Capcom or a SEGA.

Its great for game pass, even would pay 20 bucks if more acquisitions are made. but little scary that they might push quality down to be less expensive.

I think its either take-two or wb games.

Damn that is wild, on the same level as Zenimax. That would be like EA, I am not sure who else would be that big.

What is your prediction?

There are so many mid-to-large companies that would welcome MS acquisition that I still don`t understand the circling around Capcom and SEGA that people keep saying

The one I`m hearing it is isn`t the one I want it to be.

Sega is the only one that makes sense. Squares pride is too high.

i don`t think anything can surprise me anymore as like bathesda acquisition. Now everything is within expectation.

I guess they meant Zenimax level? Something like Focus Home Interactive kind of make sense.

It sounds crazy but after the rumors with tencent- Take two?

WB, Square enix, Sega? a lot its coming

is suggesting the rumours have legitimacy.

Last quarter was the first time in history the gaming division made over $5 Billion in revenue in a quarter. It`s no longer a "small element" of Microsoft`s overall business strategy Them making aggressive and expensive acquisitions to further that isn`t shocking if it happens

No more consolidation please. I declare it unepic.

lol Theyre basically looking to kill gaming at this point

They not gone stop till they cause another crash

Who the hell would that even be??

When the deal closes for batheda I need Microsoft to say "these games are gonna be Microsoft exclusives"

Its by brad sams so yep I think hes reliable

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