Round 10 of my Galaxy S21 Ultra, iPhone 13

November 23, 2021, 6:24 pm
Round 10 of my Galaxy S21 Ultra, iPhone 13
Round 10 of my Galaxy S21 Ultra, iPhone 13 Pro Max and Pixel 6 Pro comparo has the devices going head to head in night mode on the wide lens and (like all the previous shots) are unedited. Photos are in no particular order. Which do you prefer - 1, 2 or 3? (Poll below).

3 looks horribly fake and unnecessary, would prefer 2 over 1 Im guessing 2 is Samsung

1 manages the cityscape well while everything else is pitch dark. My initial reaction would be to go for 3, but the noise of the landscape capture and weeds is really jarring. Was it windy when you took the shots?

3 looks horrible

1 for artistic style (and voted for that one) but 2 because it has more detail in the foreground and could be edited if desired to look like 1. 3 is too noisy.

Is the S21 Ultra that you use an Exynos or SD variant?

I picked 2 because of the clouds to be honest

It`s either 1 or 2 for me. 3 must be the Samsung . 1 probably iPhone? 2 probably Pixel

It`s impressive how the 3rd pic has pulled so much out of the shadows. But it`s too noisy. But I choose the first for its weirdly dramatic look.

1 is ios, 2 is Samsung sharpness, 3 is pixel, bc it takes shit load of time for night shots

3 has WAY too much noise, 1 is too dark, 2 is perfect

The first one looks more dramatic but the second one looks better to me overall. So, I chose 2

3 is just too bright with way too much noise.

2. Would`ve chose 1 but the clouds doesn`t look great. 2 is the middle ground for the other 2 photos.

Choosing 2 here. It`s not noisy but keeps a bit more details near the lights. 1 is also very good. I don`t like the 3.

Although 2 and 3 are technically better, I`d prefer 1 as it looks better

Make your choice. As always, looking forward to reading your comments in the thread below too.

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