RISE OF CATS (beta) is now LIVE! Download +

December 7, 2021, 5:03 pm
RISE OF CATS (beta) is now LIVE! Download +
RISE OF CATS (beta) is now LIVE! Download + play via the website: This beta will help us test at scale and make final tweaks. Please send any feedback via the game Mail Instructions Wiki: catecoin play2earn

catecoin congrats to the team

Letssss goooo catecoin

catecoin is nextshiba They will release new game p2e riseofcats cat theme catearmy is growing each day. With only 150M MC (0.15B) and 160k holders is facing up big players like shiba or kishu on social media activity. Never too late for $CATE. bscgem bsc

If the rewards on coop chest will be the same on official launch then catecoin will skyrocket

Not iOS? I Only have Apple devices cant use my Nfts

When will we embark on the 1 billion dollar journey, team?

Not working download tower defence game suna

There`s a bug with the game. I tried installing it and the moment I started the app my screen orientation just went upside down.

catecoin Honestly I dont understand what`s happening cause Im not really a player. But i keep on winning. I just wanted to try it and it seems good. RiseOfCats Let`s Goooo!!! PAWesome! less go cate, ill give it a go later

Playing now using laptop. Trying to complete the quests now Not working on android. Rise of cats almost same Plants vs. zombie. Advantage? Youlle earn :) Version info request failed and it is upside down on android

Can we earn without buying NFT?

server... kind of unresponsive. unity crashed multiple times, usually at "connecting to server" prompt. Hi , looks nice so far. But I have a problem to drag and drop the cats in my team (bottom of screen to the wooden shelf). And server errors :)

Will you ever reply to me? I am catecoin and own your NFTs. I just want to know if there will ever be a Linux version of the game.

I can`t even download it, links not working

somethings wrong with my cats :( Do we have to link our wallet, or can we play this for free trial?

Cool lots of skills to learn. Encountered some server issue but so far gameplay is good. Will explore more. Wow, the game is great, better than i`ve expected. Now we need only good marketing and we will beat all th dog coins!

not available for ios?

Problem is rotation of game is changing When I try to play it says insufficient cats.

Shilling for $Cate NFTs cuz I don`t have one

Hi sir good day. How long will the beta last? And will you be reseting the level, rank, and claimed nft cats after the beta?

Your game is not working

PC not working Not working to mobile. I got this. Server overloaded or something? Game is upside down on Android... played tutorial and then didn`t have any cats to play again. Had to force quit, tried to get back on, request version fail.

Im having issues loading your game after trying it for a few mins. Suddenly stopped then this appeared when I tried to open the game again ://// on android, the screen is inverted

Got to play for a bit and then the game froze. When i tried to open it again, I get this error what is this? Is this a mobile game like on IOS and/or android?

Nice, the game flipz on his head xd

is it just me or the game is upside down?

Will there be a Linux version?

nothing affects the price it just goes down

Why is it like this how to buy the nft huhu

How about on iphone?

Says 20 mins more? can you confirm?

Can we play without nft?

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