reminder to avoid paying for youtube premium and turn

September 14, 2021, 9:20 pm
reminder to avoid paying for youtube premium and turn
reminder to avoid paying for youtube premium and turn on adblock for their website

How do I turn on AdBlock on YouTube ?

no, don`t do this. many youtubers receive all of their income from the ads on youtube and a lot of people will lose a considerable amount of money. avoiding youtube premium is probably the best bet.

Everyone should agree for an alternative.

Is there a way to Adblock on mobile? Thats where I watch the vast majority of YouTube and only pay for premium for no mobile ads

reminder that the "free" trial for premium is taxed ($.99)

Never heard of Rythm, but I take it that`s bad?

Doesnt an adblocker stop creators from obtaining revenue

I`m begging everyone to look into newpipe and youtube vanced, variants of the app that allow you to do pretty much everything premium does, sometimes more. I prefer newpipe but vanced seems more accessible, make your choice

I have a YouTube premium account because I watch YouTube primarily on my TV. I believe the only way to get adblockers on my tv is to block the web addresses in my router for like, all of the ad hosts. Which is a lot, and more work than the $10 a month is worth to me.

Already doing that lol

you havent done those things already?

Android youtube users Download Youtube Vanced. It`s much better than original

if you`re on android, use youtube vanced, a modified client that has ad free viewing

No dont turn on Adblock, the creators dont get any money off your view if you do

Google already makes an active loss off of youtube so it probably would not affect them

They`re not going after trivial things: they`re going after anything that doesn`t allow them to drown their users in advertising.

Yeah not like they get most of there money through ads or anything dummy

same man same

But whos to say they do have those means?

adblock for pc users and YouTube vanced for mobile users(this one has to be downloaded via google)

Prob to avoid copyright issues from music labels, even then yt premium is mostly for mobile users

Yeah but I don`t have to pay to watch an ad a give them revenue

I`m gonna keep ad-block off for my absolute favorite creators, otherwise, Youtube can go to hell. I`m not gonna contribute mere cents. I would also advise people not to use Youtube`s donation or member features on streams

You can turn on add blocks on YouTube?

..This would just take money away from content creators? whats the goal here

True and if you still want to support your favorite creators encourage them to start a patreon or subscribestar if they dont have one or if they do sub to that.

Remember to use youtube vanced on android

also remember to use yt vancef

I dont know about iOS, but Android has quite a few 3rd Party Apps that allow you to have no ads + even features that YouTube Premium has. NewPipe, YouTube Vanced and some others out there.

I`ve had adblock on for awhile

what am I supposed to do if I watch YouTube on xbox primarily

most adblocks allow you to whitelist urls, letting you support your favorite creators when you don`t have money but also screwing over specifically yt`s music channels

See I`m not paying for premium someone else I know is.

Also Android users can use YouTube Vanced to have adblock on the mobile app!

Smaller content creators arent going to get their revenue then

Use YouTube Vanced

Don`t use adblockers, they take a significant chunk out of small creators pockets (who don`t get merch, patreon supporters, etc). Your argument of "the person can go through x routes to support them" isn`t optional to people who don`t have the money to spend.

Thank God for YouTube Vanced, AdBlock, and free Premium trials

Actually the ad revenue goes mostly to the content creators, YouTube isnt really profitable for Google.


I got a free 3 month premium subscription and i gotta say its helpful but WHY THE FUCK do i gotta pay for it??? Why isnt being able to listen to music with your phone off a norm?

I dont agree with the adblock thing because it also causes every creator on the platform to lose money

I always use my adblock, don`t worry.

This is lame and sickening

It`s their legal right end of discussion

I mean i agree with this but also google`s API is explicit that it cannot be used for profit iirc which Rhythm did by having premium so in the end I have to agree on the bloodsucking corp in this one.

never pay for youtube skip all ads keep on all blockers

This is why I just play Touhou music that I downloaded online. (Not from YT, tho.)

and make all the content creators not get money from their monetizations anymore. good idea!

This is great for YouTube because now instead of listening to a song in a call now we can forget their songs exist

Why hasn`t kid content hasn`t been banned off of YouTube? Especially family YouTube channels.

YouTube always forces me to buy premium. Never bought and always used adblocker.

i literally got an ad for an anime game where its like "what is your dating type" and one of the buttons is loli and then there`s a finger that appears and presses the loli button along with some others and then it spits out an anime character that fits the "dating type"

Yea installing the ad blocker rn

Im honestly suprised google isn`t monopolizing on this idea like they do everything else. Why not give the makers a job instead of throwing the book at them after their hard work and success. Like honestly, they could easily do that, and then implement their ad system.

Nah I like being able to download videos, good luck tho

But then the creators won`t get any money, your only hurting them and not the 1M$+ revenue of Google per day

What are some good adblock apps for pc?

Don`t have to tell me twice

i got premium for free from a friend for 3 months lmao

When is someone gonna develop a way to block ads in the YouTube app

Dont forget to use YouTube vanced too!

And use YouTube Vanced on mobile :)

Any good ad block for androids?

i dont have that and I like downloading videos to watch them off wifi. DOESNT MEAN I SUPPORT THIS KINDA BULL.

YASSS time for me to advertise NewPipe Open source youtube viewer With background play back support and complete anonymousity from youtube`s algo

Adblock no longer works on YouTube

-I like this youtuber and what he does, so i will use addblock to not generate any profit from adds for him. He will probably make more videos when he won`t get anything back :D

Remember ad block hurts the creators more then YouTube tho

Been doin that already

What happens to the content of no one pays? Its a weird argument

But if you turn on adblock surely youre hurting creators too??

vanced exists :troll:

thanks for ruining once again this website. Surely nothing else wrong will happen

If you turn on Adblock doesnt that make the creator your watching lose money too though?

If you have android, download YouTube Vanced. You`ll thank me later

youtube is a literal baka.

I totally agree with your point, but this damages a creators revenue.

YouTube music is the app that nobody asked for. That`s the reason why I use Videoder app to download entire Super Mario Bros Supershow or even music.

I have an ad blocker on my phone, and on my Mac, I forget what plug-in I have on Firefox, Ill look later, the only place I get YouTube ads is on my Roku TV (if theres a good Adblock for that, link it)

Lets use newgrounds instead

on Firefox mobile u can download add-ons I think on a rooted phone you can get adblocking with the app AdAway you can also use YouTube Vanced to block ads if u want to annoy Google even more use NewPipe which blocks every tracking stuff

also remember to NOT use youtube "Thanks" (youtube takes a 30% cut) and instead support your favorite creators via their patreon, paypal, venmo, or ko-fi, or other pay services!!

So uh remember when they gave out a 3 month FREE Subscription in collaboration with Pokemon Go? First month was free, I was just charged for the last 2... YT do be fake as hell tho

I agree that it sucks that Rythm and Groovy got taken down but Im not mad about it, it was a bot that played YouTube videos without the ads.

if you want to get something like vanced on an iPhone, look into this app called cercube its a tweaked version of regular youtube but you can install it without jailbreaking your phone

I actually tried getting YT Premium last week but the "Verify that it`s you" page was deliberately not loading. Lucky me I guess.

On both Android and iOS there are modified YouTube apps that can be installed Android: YT Vanced - installed through APK iOS: YouTube++ - installed through IPA and AltStore

Discord pays for my YouTube Premium but uuuhhhh sure...

People actually pay for YouTube Premium?

anyone know a good adblocker extension? mine stopped working for whatever reason :(

If you`re on mobile, YouTube vanced is a pretty nice alternative. It`s literally just the YouTube app but you can play the audio even if the app is in the background and it doesn`t have ads

No fun allowed

I got youtube premium for free

download YouTube Vanced

Where can I download adblock?

what can I do if I mainly watch YouTube on my TV though? (Fire TV, which is just Android TV with a coat of paint)

Use YouTube Vanced on your phone, too. Blocks ads and let`s you listen with the screen off.

Is it a trend organizing boycotts that hurt creators

The funny thing is, I got a "FREE" Month trough discord Nitro, but I still had to pay a euro. For a FREE Trial.

Or use brave browser it turns off ads so you can use youtube without ads

posting on a website that has the very same problem could be considered counter intuitive to some idunno man

If you have iOS use BetterYoutube, it comes with a mobile port of SponsorBlock and a download manager youtube vanced

but then if you do that also find if there are other ways to support your favorite content creators because ultimately they don`t deserve to not get paid bcus of something YOUTUBE is doing!!!

YouTube Vanced!

I just have youtubr premium because I got it for free from discord nitro

Welp, looks like its time to figure out how to use adblock...

They have absolutely 0 issue with that gross kids content. It makes them so much sweet sweet ad revenue

Issue is that it basically takes away money from creators, especially those who depend on the website Then again YouTube ads are really horrible and oddly go undetected all the time, so of course I`ll use an ad block

YouTube Vanced is such a blessing

ah yes let`s screw over creators for something that youtube did. great idea

I hate to rain on the parade but Ive always had Adblock why would I want to watch ads?

twitch too (if they have it)

youtube content creators

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