Remember when I said even if Exynos performance was

January 31, 2021, 6:34 pm
Remember when I said even if Exynos performance was
Remember when I said even if Exynos performance was better I`d still want a Snapdragon phone and people said "you`re just saying that now just wait for the Exynos 2100 it`s a game changer Qualcomm is toast" Yeah, how`s that looking for you now, chief?

The 2100 isn`t great but the s21 ultra will still be my phone for the next year as it`s the best Android phone around at the moment and we can only get the Exynos version here.

Have you watched performance videos with games? That have been uploaded on youtube?

no. this ain`t true tho, GPU on Exynos is meh but still better than S865 and CPU is pretty much comparable to S888.

Finally I`m not alone on this.

Both SOC`s are garbage the Cortex X1 is unsuitable for a mobile SOC , it has much higher power consumption and causes heavy thermal throttling in both the 888 and 2100

Did Qualcomm is making GPU with Nvidia for the next gen adreno GPU?

Mind explaining at least something about your point instead of just throwing it out there? That would make more sense. This tweet from* Andrei doesn`t explain anything either.

My bad, network prob

He deleted the tweet, why?

Guys,dont rely only on synthetic benchmark

Is this true??? You`re talking rubbish

watch this real comparison I have been searching for. Only in graphics it lags behind.

you should definitely check this out.

then use your iphonr which has 2.5x zoom LMAO

I mean the Exynos 2100 "outperformed" the A14 in Geekbench 5 And the a14 is better than all of them! But in reality.... so what? If the 888 was running gta4 and exynoss couldnt then it would be a problem but who cares for a slightly better geek bench score. I dont constantly run benchmarks in my day to day usage lol

Samsung Exynos chip with AMD RDNA GPU slams Apple. How bad is exynos 2100 ? Did you really prefer s20fe over s21 exynos?

If thats the case the 5G s20fe comes with snapdragon so youre saying S20FE 5G over S21?

As long as the Exynos 2100 has good performance and good efficiency, which it has, that`s all I care about. I don`t need the absoulute best of the best.

Thanks for a goddamn real answer Did you just call me... chief

Check this out Adreno is still Ahead that`s for sure, but Exynos CPU is better than both 65 and 88. Exynos is has better 5G, Wifi, AI, bluetooth...than 65. The stability and efficiency improved a lot and those two are the biggest problems with 990. So no, SD 865 is not better by any means.

Exynoss seems faster than the 888 in cpu speed but the adreno is still better than the Mali gpu

Watch garry explain channel,there you will see the 2100 edges out the 888(even with the weaker gpu,it will still edges out the 865 in gpu) and that alone proves that it is better than the 865.

I mean posted this :

Have you seen the efficiency and overall thermal management of the 888? It may be powerful, but it uses close to 8 watts of power under load and goes close to 50C in just about every test I`ve seen. That`s absolutely worse than the 865.

The real competition kicks in once AMD GPU is added to the exynos chipset. This 2100 chipset is in the step in the right direction

whatever..i`m still buying rules for life at least for me

Still dont believe the 865 is better than the exynos 2100...the 2100 even edges out the 888 in cpu and gpu is the only area where it falls short and they are working on with the new GPU with AMD,so........

It would be surprising that the Exynos would be out performing Qualcomm in just a year after coming from the 990. Qualcomm has been doing this for sometime. It still does not take away from Exynos 2100, it closed the gap with the 888 closer than the 888 has with the A14 Bionic

But do I drop my iPhone 12 Pro for the S21 Ultra? Real question lol

He never says the 888 is better though, he doesn`t even have an 888 S21 yet device yet.

Makes me glad the fold line still has SD

I think your right but i dont think the 865 is better

You`re right, Qualcomm is toast. Literally this year. That X1 core in the 888 does not know how to chill out. The Exynos is showing much better temperatures.

Ty for replying anyway :)

I dont care about the Performance. I want the same phone as everyone else. Thats why I love apple a American iPhone is pretty much the same as a European one (ignore mmWave XD) I dont want to have a worse phone just because i dont live in the us

And Qualcomm is about step up their game after buying that startup company founded Ex Apple CPU engineers

Exynos is only worse on the graphics aide if i`m not mistaken yes?

Lol snap is still better but exynos isn`t bad in any sense. Still a huge upgrade from the 990 Just have to wait for Amd to help samsung surpass Snapdragon and Apple`s chip too

The Exynos 2100 is great as an upgrade from the Exynos 990 but LMAO still not as good as the 888 and as Andrei said, the 865 is better.
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