Real support is when apps still work long after

January 23, 2021, 3:39 am
Real support is when apps still work long after
Real support is when apps still work long after your phone`s lifespan. I know this is a specific example, but most apps require ios 12-14 to work while on android most require Android 4-6. That`s real support if you ask me; not turning your phone into a brick after its updates.

More that use 8-11, but I know some android 6`s

And do you know people who use Android 4-6 today?

iPhone 6 is seven years old, IDK why people still use it, but you can still download an older version that supports iOS 12 I think..

But you can still update your OS, so there is no reason to make it require older iOS versions unless youre still using iPhone 5

Prove it. Prove your iPhone X lags

No Im not. Twitter isnt lagging very much, and I can say that the keyboard and typing lag were due to the screen recording. When I was watching the phone IRL, it wasnt lagging.

I`d say it contributes to the splitting of the ecosystem and makes features and security harder to push out.

At this point you and iUser seem like youre just fighting without reason.

iPhone SE 1st gen, 91% battery health, CPU from 2015 iPhone 6s. Yes Im 10 minutes from home Ill DM it to you this evening

@iUserApple You still failed to show the proof of a clean install of a 6s destroying a clean install of an S6

Thats literally Siri on any iPhone. Siri isnt very good

Cant prove something. What do you do? RUN AWAY

Cant prove it so you run AWAY

@iUserApple Eh youre getting blocked again have fun

They were released 6.5 months apart LOL

Ill DM you a video of the Galaxy S6 loosing to iPhone 6s every time. And that iPhone X is for sure not having the hiccups that a Galaxy S8 would have

Should I send you a video of Galaxy S6 on Nougat vs. iPhone 6s on iOS 14? Because its pathetic

@iUserApple My iPhone X is already having hiccups. ITS 3 YEARS OLD!

Oh my god the 5s came out in 2013. The Galaxy S4 supports Lollipop

@iUserApple Marshmallow or Nougat

Most iOS apps require iOS 11 or iOS 12. Just not with dark mode. iOS 12 supports iPhones that are 8 years old. An 8 year old android is running Lollipop

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