Question why is Xbox fanboys hyping up Flight Simulator

July 21, 2021, 11:34 pm
Question why is Xbox fanboys hyping up Flight Simulator
Question why is Xbox fanboys hyping up Flight Simulator calling it a Triple AAA and being a next gen game??? Its in pc

Xbox have 23 xbox studios games in development and that its not even half of war its in development

PC already can beat PS5 and XSX... And this will be XSX only too. I don`t see your logic

Not sure but this could be why. You know when games get 10/10.... etc A good game is a good game regardless of what platform. okay. but playstation games do in pc in the future. sony ceo said that. and maybe game console is disappear in the future.

I mean it is triple A budget wise, and it is next gen only, it looks great and is technically impressive, for me personally it`s a game I`ll definetly try since it`s on game pass but never been into serious simulators so I`ll probably get tired of it pretty quickly which is ok

Because PC is next gen already. And going beyond next gen Plus its still AAA because that is how they classify any game with a huge budget.

All the games that show xbox games was on PC

Xbox have given teaser or gameplay You literally have no clue what you are on about

All the xbot are not understanding you Lol

So this is what happens when a toddler doesnt get attention they troll So its safe to say the Xbox console is absolutely useless to anyone with a PC.

Gonner make this simple .. your a TROLL, GO HOME TO PS LAND

U cant be happy that Gow is coming to PS4. Not taking advantage of ps5. Maybe PC can do it when they decide to release it there. Just saying.

Question why does it hurt u?

This idea that next gen games should only be on console is absolutely foolish. Xbox has put all their games on PC for like 4 years now. Will Starfield not be next gen because its on PC? You point makes no freakin sense AT ALL

Thats because of optimization because console PC ports are always half-assed

its something new we get to play, not sure why we cant be excited for it it not an AAA game?

Lol no I meant GoW cos that too is a duplicated, template of the same walking sim. You all placed Death Stranding into my comment but I didn`t say that...but at least that game actually knew it was a UPS simulator

im an xbox boi but im not overhyped about anything but diablo 3 updates and warframe updates :3

Every Microsoft Flight Simulator was incredibly demanding for its time. The key word is simulator. Its the first time theyre bringing it to consoles and its a good thing! They can call it next-gen cause its not coming to the One series of consoles.

Child mate.... Grow up. Toodles.

So you spend you time trashing xbox games because you have friends that want to play games with you.... You`re right..There is visible confusion here? You are a typical fanboy troll who doesn`t really liek games. Because a game doesn`t fit your style it has to be trash. Grow up

Because its on PC it`s not next gen? Point is it`s only on the Series consoles and it`s the best looking game ever made. There`s literally no contest. That`s just the truth, no fanboying.

We know these fools aint playing this. Not to mention the so called powerful console cant run it at 4K 60fps Didn`t that "game" release on PC when the Nvidia 2080 was the benchmark? Hyping a Last Gen PC release. That yes are both Xbox and PlayStation

Yaaaaawwwwnnnn.... But still want to spend time trashing xbox games? Why? Why does it matte rto you so much....

Because it is the best looking game ever made

Why you following my you odd`un lol... You want to live vicariously through me?

Lots of time, but no games to play lol

Got no games to play, so you have to spend your time trolling on twitter.... Sad.

So Ratchet and clank is next gen either, got it.

I can play gow on pc with psnow so your telling me it ain`t a triple a good to know

Ps5 sold 10 million. 2 Xbox Series consoles cant do that and they had a headstart. What does it being "in pc" have anything to do with it being AAA and being a next gen game? What am I missing here?

Just like they had 100 shows on deck so they don`t need E3?

Then what the hell are you babbling about Flight Simulator being on PC? FS is a massive game and very popular among PC gamers since then and IT IS in fact a AAA game. Its been around since your dad hits his first puberty. Also, what the hell do you care? Youre a PS pony.

It was made this generation and is only available only on next gen consoles and PC. Just because its on PC doesnt mean it isnt a next gen game you dumb pony.

Im gonna make this as simple as possible, what game has taken the full advantage of the series x to show off the full next gen experience without talking about pc! I dont know, It doesnt catch my interest in the slightest.

Because it`s a next gen AAA game. I mean, the term "next gen" is relatively worthless when it comes to PC. PC has had "next gen" features for years at this point. Check the "ideal spec" sheet for a PC for flight sim 2020, you`ll see why it`s a next gen game lol

Question is why do you care what others hype up?

Jdubsky if u wanna get down 500 games

Im fan of because its a community i can gather with and love games and is God tier deal.

You know we game on xbox because we like games not what companies made them

Why do Sony fanboys deny it`s a game?

*current gen. Flight Sim is cool, 50%+ of people will fly over their house and be done with it. All Xbox games will be on Windows.

Its AAA in price, thats about it

microsoft flight simulator is a AAA That`s determined by the amount of money Next gen responds to the fact that xbox one consoles can not run the game due to hardware and software limitations That it also comes out on pc, does not make the game let be next gen...

Imagine a world where you play on a platform and the biggest hype train you can find is Flight Simulator...

God forbid Xbox fans be excited for something lol. Do you hear yourself. This is why gaming is subjective not every game has to appeal to everyone the same. Why were you guys hyping up R&C? There`s your answer.

Because is a new game to me, which is not available on Xbox One or another console platform, and also I`m hyped about playing it, what is wrong then???

like all the sick gameplay we got of GoW Ragnarok?

I mean Im not sure what youre trying to say but its AAA that is on on PC & Xbox Series X|S`s not at all how that works.

While Playstation show...NOTHING. literally. Otherwise...NAME ME the 1st party Ps5 only games that are confirmed to launch in the next 3 years

Key word "unannounced" another key word(s) "less than a quater will be 1st party or AAA"

That`s not how it works though. Azure is doing the heavy lifting, online mode is only 42 gb. You`d need to to download 2 million gb to have the complete game offline to match the cloud loading assets.

Let`s not get hyped for God of war or horizon. Both coming to last gen console

Games aren`t next gen because they are on PC? PC > your perception of "next gen"

FlightSim is the most technically impressive game to ever release. It has a photorealistic rendition of the entire Earth and all 80,000 airports. Not only does it look better than anything else visually, it is much larger than other game worlds.

They never said those are unannounced games. They are including announced games still being made as of May when they stated that.

Mighty brave to lean into that as a put down given GoW has only shown a logo...

Best part about flight simulator is that the majority of people interested in playing that title are literally learning how to fly a plane in real life. Superbly niche market.

Do you have an Xbox bud?

Because it`s the most impressive piece of entertainment software by a huge difference?

Depending on the subjective definition of what "next gen" means. In my opinion at cases a next gen game is the one which developer refuses to make/publish on the previous console. For example a version of Tetris published exclusively on the PS5 is a next gen game.

Except it`s NOT CGI. It`s in-engine. There`s a difference.

And yet we still havent seen anything. Weird.

They announced it was coming to next gen systems when they launched it on pc lmao what you talking about lol it literally is a AAA game.

Its a flight sim. You fly to New York on a plane and expect it to be exciting? Its literally simulating an airplane flight lmao. Idk what you guys expecting. Yall hating on it for something its not. Its a gorgeous next gen simulator lol yes next gen.

So PC games arent AAA?

Well actually now that I think about it. The game has come out on PC of course but PC doesn`t have generations. It`s only coming out on Xbox Series X/S, not Xbox One. So technically it is next gen too. Not by the traditional definition but it still is

OK..... The same Ppl said there would be one in June straight after E3 BTW... Just saying

The real question is why is anyone hyping a flight simulator at all

Is this a joke tweet or something?

Between 30 and 60 actually depending on the location. Also to point out its a very slow paced game so 30fps will hardly be noticable. Difference if it was a high speed combat game.

It`s an AAA game. It`s not next gen though. I haven`t seen anyone saying it`s next gen

We`re not on about teaser trailers and gameplay, we`re talking about how sony fanboys spin the narrative xbox fans can`t hype an announced game with cgi trailer then they hype the "25 unannounced exclusives" lol

So it`s unannounced too? I mean cgi > unknown game tbf

There isn`t even a confirmed ps even mate?

Rumors you say? Hecc the Xbox fanboys but that game is actually very technical. It`s more next generation than any other claiming to be honestly.

as a series x owner(still more of a playstation fan) the only answer i can think of is because there are zero exclusives right now, just 2-3 year old games with fps boost. so anything new coming out is considered exciting. im excited for it because of that reason lol

Death stranding director`s cut, death stranding director`s cut ultimate edition, death stranding director`s cut ultimate edition ultra hd remix, death stranding ultimate edition ultra hd remix director`s cut and 21 director cuts

Why only the X? The S will run it the same way albeit at a lower res and visual fidelity... And the game was built for PC, with higher specs in mind than the Series X so it`s not like it would`ve turned out better with no Series S version.

Its a game that seamlessly simulates the entire planet via streaming tech, calling that next gen or AAA isnt hard to understand to me. Its like the absolute peak of simulator games.

Seeing your answers and comments down in this tweet it is clear you have made this just to argue and spit out as much crap as possible!

Cool with me.

Then theyre not unannounced if they announced them

Why do you own a PS5? All their games are going to PC.

You think silent Hill will be this year fam? Even if it is a PS exlcusive (Big if) it ain`t this year bro.... So why don`t you spend less time trolling on xbox stuff and more time playing the games you don`t have coming out for the rest of this year.

Don`t know about fanboys but I`m lazy to play on my PC, and wouldn`t change the status of a AAA game if it was released on console first and then PC, so the same goes for PC and then Console release. And as DF said, it`s the first and only title that can even be called that on PC

PC is always next Gen. I`m afraid console owners are finding this out now. PC does not suffer the same limitations from Gen to Gen that consoles do. PC is always updating. As long as you can afford to upgrade.

Okay, well... How about the fact that it`s only coming to the next gen consoles! And the game literally hammers the PC`s running it because it`s a map of the ENTIRE gd !!! But then again, your definition for "next gen" may differ from mine and others sooo....

Yall get way to triggered over this question! If u want to talk add me on xbox: Nozhx At this point all games are Triple AAA

Got to update that RDNA based graphics engine to RDNA 2 like xbox has. Then we can talk VRR. Till then... no. Ain`t no VRR coming my guy. Xbox is pc. Dont get it yet? PC and SERIES X = XBOX

ALL xbox games are on PC.

As yet nothing. Horizon gonna be delayed. What other exclusive games you got confirmed before the end of the year?

What does it matter? Why are you so concerned for others excited for a game?

Nothing this year.

... a 2080 destroy the Ps5 so what is next gen?

How you know that if they unnannounced ?

It is still under XBOX ECO SYSTEM. I hope you understand that.

Answer me this: what Xbox game going forward will not be on PC? In what way does being on PC equate to not being next gen in regards to console? Are you dense or are you trolling? Thats a serious question, because I just need to know if I should be taking you serious or not.

No, it`s all down to what`s it`s using from dx 12_2, the headline features: Raytracing Mesh shaders Shaders 6.5+ VRS Sampler Feedback Streaming Direct Storage But because pc is supported out has a dumb dx11 mode but it`ll need a very fast rig to get decent performance from dx11

but HOW is it not was my question. Just saying it isn`t doesn`t really answer the question. It would be as silly as me saying Demon`s Souls is not next gen with no other reasoning because I said so.

So multi plat games can`t be next gen? , I think you`ve got your wording a bit wrong here bud .

I`m just curious why it`s okay for PS users to hype Kena as an "exclusive" yet it`s not...but Xbox fans can`t hype Flight Simulator?

I just smashed open my pc and flight simulator wasn`t in there. What pc is flight sim actually in? And what am I going to do about work in the morning?

Over 37 thousand airports, 2 million cities, 1.5 billion buildings, real mountains, roads, trees, rivers, animals, traffic, andFly day or night with live real-time weather including accurate wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, rain, and lighting and it`s multiplayer

Because it is a Next gen game ?

Ya I know right. That company they just bought that specializes in pc ports will for sure take 5 years and wont port anything else

If any game is truly next gen it`s this one lol wtf are you on. A base xbox one or ps4 would explode trying to run this at lowest settings.

Nothing will be exclusively on the Series X. All Xbox games go to PC. what lol

If you had any idea what you`re talking about you would understand how this is next gen.

You`re trying to imply that a pc which is consistently more next gen than any console is magically not next gen? LMAO. Good luck pushing that BS narrative.

Its not even next gen How is it not any of those things? Have you played the game?

Again it looks better than any game currently on PS5. Forza Horizon 5 will be the same.

That is not reality, sir.

it is only on xbox series console it is not on xbox one or one x

Because they`re excited for a high rated game coming to their console?

Well pcs dont have Gens as they are constantly updatable, good luck running msfs on a 6yr old pc

Looks better than any game currently on PS5 though.

Dont they call other games walking sims but then literally play a full priced google earth game

Because theres not much else thats new to play on Xbox right now, which is why Im looking forward to checking it out.

Some logic right here

List the 1st party "Now-Gen" titles. Please and Thank You.

its the best looking game on console when it comes out in a few days how is that not next gen? it uses the cloud like no game before it ever has how is that npt next gen. man you sound dense.

That would be simple, the reason to your question is that Xbox followers dont have any other title for the time been and still need to wait for November on Forza. What a waste of a console but no much you can expect from Microsoft.

Maybe you dont realize that nextgen console games will also be available on PC.

Because its not possible on last gen, generation`s don`t really apply to pc

Well its understandable. They really dont have much to hype up these days. Theyre latching on to whatever they can.

Because it is AAA and only on the next gen xbox consoles, yes its on pc but it needs a decent gpu and processor for it to run as good as the series x version.

Who tf will playba flight Sim seriously it look cool but not for all

Sony tells him what to do and he jumps to it not the other way round

But you guys call walking simulators AAA bangers? Why can`t that apply to our sims too? Atleast we can fly or race in ours! Your on foot

Not played it yet but looking forward to it.

Thats because its AAA and Next Gen. it was announced for Xbox from the jump. Didnt it come out before the XSX was released? Also it always was a big game years ago. They took it off the market when 911 occurred. It was being said thats how they learned to fly.

Because it`s a AAA Next Gen Title.

It released a year back on pc cant call it a new game its a great simulator i played on my pc but man its taxing

You gotta be trolling right?! This CAN`T be a serious it?

I dont. Ill play it on ps4 . I win because I get to play and Sony wins cause they get my money. Options are good and I applaud Sony for doing that. I would also understand if they didnt and I can understand why u want that as well

What would that change?

All Xbox games are on PC. What r u saying

I guess this is what happens when Playstation has Zero 1st party "Now-Gen" games announced or till 2023...

Cause its only on next gen consoles???

Got of war is gonna be on ps5 and ps4. Must not be next gen

Honestly I dont know know what next gen even means.

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