Question for the iPad users out there

September 15, 2021, 5:50 pm
Question for the iPad users out there
Question for the iPad users out there... I`m catching up on the AppleEvent. I`ve been considering getting an iPad for awhile & am more tempted after seeing some of the updates. Is it worth it? What do you use it for? Using it as a 3rd monitor with sidecar looks interesting

My OBS and music production device of choice

Id go iPad Air. Apples most current iPad design. Pencil v2. Plenty powerful. As for use cases? For me its mostly movies on airplanes + sketch notes + iOS app dev. Definitely got more use before COVID.

Both models have a great form factor and all, but can I solely rely on them for work? Not yet. Maybe with Remote Desktop? BUT THERE`S NO ESC KEY! And Safari has compatibility issues with things I want to use :(

At the time I got the Pro, it had its own keyboard with cursor. But now the normal one has it too so the differences are fewer. You can ignore the camera and LIDAR specs altogether because let`s face it, you`re not going to use the camera on that big thing

I see a lot of recommendations for the iPad Pro. So follow up question, what`s the advantage of that over the regular iPad? I know the specs are better but is it really worth the extra $$ for using it for a second screen, Power Apps testing and note taking?

I have the iPad Pro and love it! Use it for note taking, drawing, reading, the split screen functionality is just brilliant. Get it with the pen and you wont use paper anymore

Four uses for my iPad Pro: Second screen Testing Power Apps on iOS Charges my other devices LTE Hotspot If your main computer doesn`t already have ink, that could be another use.

All the powerapps I make I test on the iPad because that`s where they get used the most. Other than that, note taking with one note is nice with the Apple Pencil.

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