-Question: Does Apple still innovate in 2021 specifically with

July 22, 2021, 5:37 am
-Question: Does Apple still innovate in 2021 specifically with
-Question: Does Apple still innovate in 2021 specifically with the iPhone? Explain??

Apple is still innovative in some areas however with the iPhone it just feels like years and years of tiny changes that android already had since 2017.

Apple is still innovative. Tim Cook is more conservative was decisions at Apple, hence all of the hate that he receives. Companies dont exist to cultivate a reputation for innovation. They exist to make money. While Cook doesnt make riskier moves, the company has innovated.

Apple is still a decade behind android phones ! No big battery No warp charging No customisation No dual app support No in display fingerprint scanner No 120 hz display No individual app lock By next year phones will be charging 100% in merely 15 mins but iphones will take 2 hrs

Barring it`s chips, no. To be innovative means to bring something new to the category, not just incremental feature upgrades year in and year out.

Somewhat. Its not as much compared to a decade ago. I feel like most companies are slowly starting to plateau when it comes to smartphone innovations. There are some notable innovations in the 12 series such as Ceramic Shield, MagSafe, 4K dolby vision, LiDAR, & sensor shift.

They haven`t innovated in years.... what are you talking about

The M1 was Apple`s biggest innovation but with the iPhone i`d stay hopeful for whats coming in september.

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