QBs record when their team allows 35+ points (2021-22

January 28, 2022, 4:45 pm
QBs record when their team allows 35+ points (2021-22
QBs record when their team allows 35+ points (2021-22 season): Justin Herbert: 2-2 Lamar Jackson: 1-2 Everyone else: 0-57

But wait... The Browns allowed 35+ 3 times this year and I was led to believe Baker was the reason they didn`t make the playoffs...

Chiefs just won 42-36? This this is a lie.

Wait.... So you`re telling me football is a team game?

This is a stat that people need to see when questioning if Herbert is so good, how come he didnt make the playoffs BECAUSE OUR DEFENSE WAS TERRIBLE!

Lamar 1-1. The other loss was Huntley.

What other game did Herbert win ik one was against the browns

AFC Young studs. So many really good QBs right now, that I probably say about "he`s top 5" to more than 5 QBs

Lying>>> Mahomes is 1-2 if you count playoffs

Lamar is 1-1 he didnt play the second game against the bengals

Patrick Mahomes did this in the playoffs

This is exactly what I wanted someone to dig up. Asked twitter ti dig it up for 27 pts..what our defense was averaging. How many games would other qbs have won?

Herbert is in a class of his own.

wrong Lamar is 1-1 actually

Get Herbert a decent defense and hes winning at least 1 SB

this is why im taking Herbert over MaKermit

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