Q: What is the possible reason people buy insanely

February 7, 2021, 2:35 pm
Q: What is the possible reason people buy insanely
Q: What is the possible reason people buy insanely expensive iPhones other than chum te karas kyah? [10 marks]

Camera and apple ecosystem. If you have other apple products in your kitty, it makes sense to stick to one ecosystem.

wanted to buy one just because, he`s looking for sellers now, ek mahine ke andar

5-7yrs of sftware support,better resale value(s8 sells for 8k iPhone X for 30),better (social)apps (eg insta/snap),apple ctrls sftware nd hrdware making things much efficient, AirDrop. there are many things Also Ecosystem! Best earbuds? Airpods. watch?appl watch.

Status showoff. Only pro...nothing else. Infact itbis extremely limiting and restrictive. Android is freedom

If you want flagship experience, every brands phones are insanely expensive these days, however, iphones offer better value for money, timely updates, never hang, better security, ones ecosystem also plays a major role in making the choice.

but usage has changed - people no longer download music, docs are in cloud, Netflix and all for movies. Apple provides a sort of sandbox so that user experience is better. Also, flagship androids are really good, but if it`s a daily driver I`d still suggest iPhone.

Same answer no difference.

newer iPhones have good battery backup (that`s the improvement )

For someone who`s not into experimenting and wants to use a phone as a daily driver, there are no cons when it comes to buy an iPhone - phir wo koi bhi iPhone ho It`s neat, and clean. But android as a daily driver is a bit nah nah.

For that "cxope kadith czoot" on the back of their phone.

Ease of use. Privacy is top notch. Never slows down. Timely updates. Superior hardware. Camera is crazy good. App support is better than android. Enough?

Wat abt those who sell their kidneys to get one ?

You are a good question but your question hurt me.

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