Python or JavaScript? Why? Programming languages comparison? Why? Depends

July 27, 2021, 5:57 pm
Python or JavaScript? Why? Programming languages comparison? Why? Depends
Python or JavaScript? Why?

Programming languages comparison? Why?

Depends on your target and what you want to do.

Python because its more intuitive

Can someone suggest me any channel or course to learn python

Python, because I value my sanity.

Python because I`m stuck in back-end

Python its easier to pivot to JS instead of the other way around in my opinion

Python. Relatable and straightforward syntax.

Python is the best. Oh... and I use Arch btw. :v

Python is more organized, versatile and easier to use for me. With app dev for Android I have to use JS. If I knew more about porting Python into my Android apps then I`d definitely use Python.

Python, i learn it first when pandemic happen

hmm not good comparison from programming stand point... they are built for different tasks Python is 100% for AI/ML/Automation JS for web & mobile coding "not native of course but who cares as long as it works!" so choose your beast wisely...

Why you asking?

Really depends on the use case. There is no one size fits all

My path was start with C (VB) into Java, then over the years pick up C++, asp, html, css, lua, robotC, C, sql then get a job with java, JS, xslt, and sql

Depends on project. That`s why. Data engineering/pipelines, API-s, integrations and scripts in Python and frontend, another API-s in Javascript. Depends on context

Python for AI Javascript for multiplatform and fast codding

It depends. You are asking For Hammer or Mallet.

Education with Python, learn the basics of coding, advance to JavaScript as it has more job potential I feel

is that a code word for Java?

JavaScript Because I know it.

Depends on what you want to do. It`s that simple. I don`t see any usecase where the choice isn`t obvious.

JavaScript Why : nothing

What do you mean or?

Apples or Pears? Why?

Java. Just because it`s my mother tongue.

As a JS developer, Python. Its just wonderfully simple and powerful.

I am done with this. MUTED.

JavaScript specially when you are React developer.

JavaScript! Because the life is not fair!!!

Let`s talk in dm. Please check.

JavaScript because Web.

Why not both. I am having fun working in python but now I am thinking of learning JavaScript

Yes but not completely. I am not in coding anymore. People are assuming languages are very hard. We should change our mindset towards it.

JavaScript teaches people how to keep promises!

Haven`t really experimented with Javascript but python is just SOO easy to learn and use

PowerShell Native install on WinOS Built on .NET framework Super digestible & easy to learn Ability to build GUIs, CLIs, BINs All while learning a solid foundation of programming principles

Python And everyone knows why Cause it`s too easy

Mainly because I know JavaScript and am just learning Python.

Python, you can do nagin dance when the code doesn`t run.

Sometimes I work on python but usually I use JavaScript

Both are old, we need an upgrade..

Yeah it`s used in Google Flutter. For building hybrid apps, Which runs on Android, iOS and Web with the same code base. There will be a huge demand for flutter in coming years. It is already more popular than React Native, which uses JavaScript.

SSD or RAM? Why?

yeah either is fine, I just think this js vs python line is perpetuated by people who don`t know how to program yet. OR nuke everything and use Typescript

pick one and learn it, that`s it.

Java and dart. Because that`s only I know.

A person knows two languages to speak, that doesn`t mean he should speak only one language. He should speak depending on the place he lives

For me I understand Javascript a lot more than Python

Glad to know that! Before any `strict` JS flag bearer counters me with the fact that JS also runs at back end as , I want to share that I too have `passport` in my for `express` rides Javascript. I cannot wrap my head around Python. Plus javascript makes more sense to me

Python. Ease of use.

Both are best at their place .

JavaScript since I am a web developer

ArrayList<String> words = List.of("hmmm,", " interesting"); words.forEach(System.out::print); Also I definitely need to get a life

Javascript, because I don`t know Python yet

Python...coz no where can be compared to js

Obviously Python. Because............. I wasn`t try to learn javascript when I was at the college.

I read Python vs JavaScript !!! My fault !

Python is first love... JavaScript is current love... But its hard to forget first love

Python. Don`t know anything except the name of JavaScript

Python when you want to have a nice day, Js when you`ve a nice day.

I`m more comfortable with Python and would recommend it no matter in which area, but when it comes to front-end web development there is no way around JavaScript

Both, cause django

Just use the one that get the job done. End of the story.

Both are tools that are used for different works. It is like comparing between hammer and axe.

Depends what youre trying to do. Python is the normie answer but Id say learning JavaScript first is the power move to be made.

Probably python..its easier.. isn`t it..?!?

I`m a web developer so Javascript is a must.

Why choose only one?

I`ll be able to reply to this someday, I promise

Js, cz you can create almost everything with it.

This comparison is illogical.

Python. Because I do not want to be depressed.

Both If you want to develop web applications

I love javascript . I use javascript for my 95% of projects which may be (backend , mobile dev , writing compilers , web , ml , AR , electronics etc) you can literally do anything with javascript can we write python on browser ? life is impossible on earth without javascript

Javascript ( Kane Williamson ) vs Python ( Virat Kohli ) Here is the answer !

Python is best.. Python is a high-level and general-purpose programming language. Part of the reason that it is a popular choice for scientists and engineers is the language versatility, online community of users, and powerful analysis packages such as Numpy and Scipy. ...

can`t compare - both have different use cases

Both languages have their respective purposes to serve. Why not both? It`s an invincible duo that can solve almost any challenge in computer programming. One can`t imagine modern day frond end without JS while highly scalable back end, AI, ML are hard to engineer without Python.

Both of them are amazing. However, their application in practice is different. JS is for Web/Mobile/backend development (mostly), while Python is for Data Science/ML/AI/backend as well.

JavaScript because you can use it everywhere

No no no no no Look at this Everyone No war Both are fav Data science ke liye python And React Js ke liye Js

Python as it seems easy to learn as a beginer!

Python. But JavaScript does give a good fight.

JavaScript - because you can do BE and FE with it + it`s not weirdly based on tabs so much that you need *pass* In short - Python? I am gonna pass (Though we use PyTorch in our startup)

Dude I believe in carbon, hydrogen and oxygen only!

Typescript, I m addicted to static typings so i dont like either of those

Python. It is easy to learn for beginners.

Both !! One for complex computing, one for real time use cases

Ahmm PHP. You can do anything with it!! php

Before I liked python very much which is too friendly , when started learning about js I don`t have option to dislike

Wth do people always compare Python and JavaScript? Both have different uses. - JS is used for web and mobile development. - Python is used mainly in data science, AI, ML, etc. But if you ask me to choose one side, I will be with

Somehow I dont like python functionality

No competition for me python is good for automate my work and create small scripts and javascript is best for web development

People have taken this comparison too seriously Idk why. Yesterday a guy literally picked on me for no reason stating all the pros about Python and asking me drop JavaScript lol

Javascript, i love the functionality of the code to write in it

Both go over my head! So neither

Both are great, but I am biased towards python

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