Ps5 hit a milestone before the Xbox hit their

July 22, 2021, 4:04 am
Ps5 hit a milestone before the Xbox hit their
Ps5 hit a milestone before the Xbox hit their first AAA next gen game

How many copies sold

Worried in the context of what`s going on with Xbox. "What are they doing"

I`ve never seen so many Sony fans worried about Xbox. Apparently Sony is god in y`all`s eyes. He`s giving yall everything you want supposedly. So, Why in the HELL y`all so worried about what Xbox got going on.

It did 10 million and R&C didn`t sell 1 millions copies , returnal didn`t sell a million copies ,either the ppl that used bots to resell them have them or these is bs inflation like with PS3 when they almost when out of business

Hit them where it hurts

I am about to cry that`s my face Everytime I find myself with trash on my Twitter feed. Like yours.

Anyway too much Twitter for today maybe it`s contagious

Bye have a nice one folks

I will answer because they wanted to make more money period.

Oh really why is it not activated yet nearly 8 months after it`s release?

As an Xbox user it`s not sad at all I am not getting anything from console sales neither the companies that make them are.

10 million sales, i bet at least 3/4 went to resellers. People who didn`t buy the console to play it- people who bought it just to sell it again.

Im happy I have one

What are you going to get or Sony for that matter? they are not making money out of sales they are making money out of user base.

I wonder why x box fan boys not making youtube videos telling us this info lol

I don`t care for the console war stuff but i know this for sure. I can resell ps5`s easier and at a higher price than xbox consoles.

Didn`t think anybody else could make a hilarious Xbox joke but here we are

No AAA...only W`s You damn right

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