#PS5 Argos, what`s everyone having/had the most successes on?

January 26, 2021, 4:30 am
#PS5 Argos, what`s everyone having/had the most successes on?
PS5 Argos, what`s everyone having/had the most successes on?

product code should be 834/900

All it has. I cant see it happening Do you think i will of managed? It doesnt show the console there but the price is obviously

I got finessed nothing came through kmt

I didnt checkout

Just managed to get one for click and collect at cheapside, London but I love no where near that

Websites working as normal now, available for delivery and collection!

They are doing something because now my android app is giving me different options to an hour ago... 4am must be a proper drop surely.

How long did peoples emails take to come through or test?

Ordered one through paypal, fully went through. But haven`t had anything back to say I`ve got it. So a bit confused

Managed to secure one, jumped between app and website, also had a game in basket to help with OOS issues etc, thanks fella

guys there`s still stock I`ve got one already. Mine came up with this screen it says unavailable click continue with delivery pick a date and pay Coffee for you when it arrives!!! Maybe even a weeks worth of coffee who knows

Logged in on both but wish list on browser doesnt load

Nothing, still out of stock

Wish list is unavailable on browser be logged in on both

Any still available [email protected] know?

any news on when EE might drop

Anyone had luck Bristol way?

Thats take me the money but nothing was happened...

LETS HOPE WE SMASHED THE SCALPER TWATS TONIGHT,HONEST WORKING CUSTOMERS.thank you argos for (finally) doing the RIGHT thing for your REAL customers

Anyone know about xbox stock?

Mixture of both. Had to have app open to add to basket then eventually got it on website through delivery. I`m in scotland

so whos dropping next then

Switched to desktop version on chrome and let me checkout, app says unavailable still

i keep getting this Copped from the website ten mins ago thankyou

Literally just keeps saying unavailable

Doesn`t matter which you use, success depends on your geographic location Says out of stock for me :/

Wont do anything on app and won`t let me add to my wishlist

Had it I. Basket for 30 minutes but not a store in the U.K. available.... this is ridiculous! And it aint even for me its for my 9 year old boy! Is it being rolled out across the whole of the uk still?

I managed to get it in my trolley by adding it to wish list on app and moving to trolley on app then try and order it on website might work hope it helps

Websites and app are fine for me but both say unavailable

I cant get it on either

wheres the option for "neither" on the poll cause im having no success on either

Tried Android app Apple app Safari PC Chrome Android google Got nothing from 1.20am to 2.45am Got nothing Checked half of England argos Ive been able to get to the check out once, this was through the app , add both to wish list then one will say available add too trolly, then just keep spamming checkout but very rarely takes you through

Your just rubbing it in now !

Mine says access denied ?

Nothing man, I just wanna get one for my bro

You need neither as a option

Tried both website and app with no success

50/50 I bought an Xbox on the app last Thursday and now PS5 on the website

Bought one for my mate because he couldnt order one in Leeds. Anyone in Sheffield should be able to order for delivery . Hope this helps

Why s as re people exploiting a glitch, your money will get taken & they will be no record of it on the system even Im not stupid enough to do this

Finally got one after trying since beginning of December. Thankyou for all your help. I managed [email protected] mine through the Argos app on my iPhone. Keep trying to add to your basket as this eventually worked for me. My kids are going to be so happy I put it in the basket on the app, refreshed for like 2 hours and it let me checkout!! thanks for the updates, this is so worth no sleep

pressed checkout and this happened anyone else managed to get stock in kent? I installed it with the application to the cart, I bought it with google chrome

Anyone in Liverpool got luck on the app ?

Have about 5 pending deductions from credit card, no order confirmed on account and one email&text. Dont know if I have one or not

Fair play to everyone that got one. Unfortunately I didnt and Im feeling this anger bubbling up inside me, Im going to try sleep it off and I might even punch a child if they look at me the wrong way tomorrow

Is there still stock? Getting nowhere. Now showing access denied.

Got an error message after making payment, moneys not in my bank anymore but no confirmation email.. was the last of my money so cant even try again no idea what to do!?

Neither, been up since 1 something and haven`t managed to see in stock yet. nr Portsmouth

Website says ps5 unavailable.

Say unavailable on both app and website. I can add to my trolly on the app, but it gets stuck there.

I got one 1) Create Argos account 2) Login on the Argos app 3) Go on mobile browser, Google search argos ps5 it will send you to app 4) add ps5 to watchlist on Argos app 5) move ps5 over to trolley from Argos app 6) go back to safari, login to argos and go to basket and check out

Thanks again bro

Anyone had any luck in Essex area mines completely given up now

Keep trying guys I`ve just got my second one for my brother!

Secured one on app

Where is the NONE option lol

Dont know if have got one yet, the payment was taken, but no confirmation email has been sent yet. Also been hearing about cancellations happening

anyone elses wish list not even loading or just me??

taken the money but no confirmation. Not sure what to do

I`ve got this.But took my money with no emails what so ever Not getting anywhere

Where is the neither option? I`m tired

Thats all I`ve been getting Its all bollocks, people like myself staying up to be disappointed. This is getting tiring

Whos got a confirmation not with delivery tho ??????

They are still not out in my area

Nearly bagged one! Argos didn`t allow a PayPal checkout to go through, but managed to take the money. Gutted. No email no nothing, just a lovely bill. My luck.

Its just not showing up for me on both

Any dropped in Leicestershire

Add a third option to stop people voting who havent got one yet

Saying out of stock in all my local area stores with no delivery option on both platforms, wondering if its gone live yet in my local

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